Foot Erotic Massage

It is quite a tragedy that so many people tend to forget that the feet are one of the most nerve-rich parts of the body, and one of the most tantalisingly erotic erogenous zones for both men and women.
Foot Erotic Massage in Paris

The Foot – A Map of the Body

We have all heard that numerous ailments can be cured by manipulating certain points of the sole but what is an even more interesting discovery is that we can stimulate the body’s erogenous zones without touching them physically by going through the soles. Of course, there is no reason to limit your interaction to just the soles. You can also focus on:

  • The toes.
  • Ankles.
  • The top of the feet.

All these areas are also incredibly responsive to carefully crafted ministrations.

Like all good massages, a foot massage also is best complimented with an appropriate massage oil. Another thing to remember is that it can be incredibly tiring for both the massage giver and the recipient to hold a foot up – have a pillow or cushion where the foot can rest so you are both relaxed and ready to lose yourselves in the pleasure to come.


The tricky thing about foot massages is that feet tend to be more ticklish than most other parts of the body. The simple trick to overcoming a ticklish partner is to apply firm pressure – this overwhelms the tickle threshold and works directly on the deep muscle that develop knots from extended periods of standing and walking. Even better, those deep tissues cause bursts of pleasure when they are relaxed.

The toes are the most flexible part of the feet and almost everyone likes the sensation of deft hands working on theirs. Remember to push down on each nail to stimulate the blood vessels, but not too hard!

A foot massage is one of those simple things that can mean a lot, and do not require much (or any) preparation. Offering your partner a foot erotic massage out of the blue just might be the erotic highlight of their day, and that can only mean good things for you, too…

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