Does Body to Body massage really work?

A massage is one of the most pleasurable activities that we indulge in. Regardless of what particular type of massage is their first, there is hardly anyone who stops at just one. Many people incorporate massages into their regular routines for the pleasure of the experience and the combination of physical and mental relaxation that the experience provides.

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Different massages have a variety of goals, and a masseuse seeks to match the massage to the recipient needs and desires. These may vary from:

  • physical therapy;
  • to tension release;
  • to sexual release.

The use of the hands, fingers and other limbs and parts of the body helps the masseuse achieve one or more of these aims. The body to body massage, however, is designed for a single purpose – the transfer of pleasure.

Body to Body massage: what is it all about?

As the name suggests, a body to body massage is delivered using the body of the masseuse as the means of manipulation. The first thing to note is that this eliminates the precise application of pressure that is common to virtually all other types of massage.

This means that if you looking for the therapeutic side effects that may be found with other types of erotic massage, you will not find them with a body to body massage. On the other hand, the general consensus is that those looking solely for pleasure are rarely disappointed with a body to body massage.

Body to body massages are popular because they seem to work extraordinarily well for a far greater proportion of recipients than any other single type of massage. This seems to be a result of the fact that there is virtually non-stop erotic contact between the masseuse and the recipient on a larger proportion of the flesh than any other massage style.

A massage that involves all erogenous zones

Fans of this massage style also say that its effectiveness is its versatility – no matter which part of the body is particularly erogenous, a skilled body to body massage practitioner will be able to access it and in fact stimulate more than a single one simultaneously.

Another advantage that the body to body has over other forms of massage is that it can incorporate the positions found in actual sexual encounters. Whether the recipient is a fan of the traditional missionary position or more exotic versions of the act, he or she may find that replicating the experience is not only easy but also almost as pleasurable.

The relatively larger surface area of contact can be further harnessed as a tool of pleasure with the use of massage oils that give flesh a slick feel which enhances the pleasure of contact. This has been taken a step further with the Japanese Nuru massage which uses a special gel to achieve the same effect.

The explosion in the number of massage centers that offer body to body Nuru massages around the world is further evidence that the body to body massage not only works, but that it works better than many other similar types of massage on offer today.

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