Breaking the Taboo of Prostate Massage

The prostate is a walnut-sized gland unique to males that lies between the penis and the bladder.  While it cannot be touched directly without surgery, its position inside the body just in front of the rectum means that it can be massaged and stimulated with a digit or device through the anal wall.

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The Benefits of Prostate Massage

There is some controversy about whether a prostate massage is actually beneficial. Proponents of the technique rely largely on anecdotal results or small case studies as the basis of their assertions. Among the myriad benefits attributed to prostate erotic massage are:

  • Reversing erectile dysfunction.
  • Curing or alleviating painful ejaculation.
  • Improving urine flow from the bladder to the penis.
  • Alleviating the symptoms of prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate).
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The Potential Dangers

While there may be debate over whether a prostate massage is truly beneficial, there is a consensus that it does not cause any harm if administered properly.

The main risk of prostate massage lies in the introduction of foreign bodies and contaminants into the internal body system. These can either physically damage the sensitive inner lining of the alimentary canal or cause diseases.

Physical injury may also be caused by improper massage techniques, particularly if too much speed or force is applied, or if the angle of manipulation is incorrect.

The simple solution to avert these potential complications is to obtain formal training. Yes, there are formal prostate massage classes available. A number of companies also offer electronic prostate massagers.

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The Basics of Prostate Massage

Men above the age of 50 are advised to have their doctor check annually for prostate enlargement. This is almost always done via a digital rectal exam (DRE). A prostate massage is applied in an almost identical manner.

  1. The massager dons a sterile latex glove.
  2. The finger(s) to be used for the massage are covered in a lubricant certified for internal use.
  3. The recipient assumes a position that will be comfortable for the duration of the massage. This is usually simply bending or leaning over.
  4. The finger is inserted gently into the anus. There may be some discomfort or pain and this is common.
  5. When the recipient is comfortable, the massager presses on or rubs the prostate gently.

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