The Difference between Real and Fake Breasts

Men get a bad rep for staring.

Excuses aside, men’s brains are hardwired to stare. Real or fake, it is literally impossible for a man not to take at least subconscious notice of a woman’s breasts (before pretending not to). Feminists, please blame Mother Nature.

The entire breast augmentation industry has single-handedly been built around the desire for men to look at what their brains tell them is the ideal woman, and the subsequent desire in women to achieve elements of that ideal and be noticed by men.

There are three main types of fillers for breast implant devices:

  • Propylene String (now discontinued for medical complications);
  • Silicone Gel – a viscous gel that can cause complications if it ‘bleeds’;
  • Saline Solution – sterile saline solution regarded as giving the best overall results.

Real and Fake Breasts


Research – in this case involving people feeling and prodding and lifting breasts – suggests that there is no tactile superior to Nature. The pliability of real breasts far exceeds anything that has been recreated in a lab since the inception of man-made ones in 1961.

Overall, the teardrop shape has always been considered the pinnacle of mammary aesthetics. It is a shape that labs have attempted to emulate but have been thus far unsuccessful.


The popularity of fake breasts has risen consistently over recent decades. In fact, researchers were surprised when larger numbers of women started coming to them asking not for natural-looking breasts but for the ‘fake look’.

For the uninitiated, that refers to augmented breasts that are virtually spherical and create a distinct outline from the top of the chest as opposed to the gentle taper of real ones. There has been a shift in studies into implants away from the shape and towards creating a more natural feel; the most common complaint about artificial implants are not that they look artificial but that they feel so.

Most research done in the past on men’s views on the Real vs. Fake debate hang in the balance because of personal tastes. Someone prefer big fake breasts which are absolutely incredible during body to body massage while others tend to enjoy lovely natural small ones. Ultimately, no one has complained about real breasts but augmented ones routinely get panned for not ‘feeling’ right.

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