Does Size Matter?

If you are male, your reaction to that question is probably tied to what hangs between your own legs. You have heard the ‘It’s the motion of the ocean…’ mantra but do women agree? Are the women you sleep with getting the pleasure they want (and deserve) if you do not have a massive member?

If you have been fretting, here is the poll of dick polls to settle the matter. And the short (no pun intended) answer is ‘Yes, size matters.’


If you heart leapt for joy upon reading that, you could stop reading because it can’t really get any better. If you heart sank, though, you should read on – it’s not quite as doom and gloom as you might think.

Location, Location, Location

Location matters. It seems that women in African countries and those in the southern parts of the United States with large black populations consistently search for terms that include the word ‘big’ (and its synonyms) coupled with the word ‘black’ when they search for online penis.

So, if you are a black man in:

  • Nigeria;
  • Kenya;
  • Jamaica;
  • or in the U.S. states of D.C.;
  • Mississippi;
  • Louisiana; and
  • Arkansas

and are looking for a black girlfriend, your odds in getting lucky might be improved if you are well endowed.

On the other hand, the term ‘big dick’ was least searched for in the U.S. states of:

  • Hawaii;
  • Rhode Island;
  • Montana;
  • New Hampshire; and
  • Oregon

which have significantly lower black populations. Internationally,

  • Singapore;
  • Egypt;
  • Bangladesh; and
  • El Salvador

are nations where women are least interested in watching big dick porn.

It seems non-black women – Caucasians, Latinas, Polynesians, Indians, Asians and Arabs – do not fantasize about gigantic dicks, be they white, black, yellow or brown.

It might be appropriate to point out that the term ‘monster white cock’ did rank seventh on the list, one spot ahead of ‘monster black dick’. ‘Monster dick’ without any colour specification is at number four.

‘World’s biggest dick’ is at number six, but it is unclear whether the searchers wanted a picture of a penis, a lying politician or an ISIS terrorist.

Fresh Faces and Golden Oldies

After location, age emerged as the second major factor amongst women in this study.

Younger females ages 18-24 are least likely to be looking for ‘big dick’ videos, whereas older women aged 35 to 44 search for it most often.

Size Matter

So, if you are looking for a sugar mommy, your odds would be improved if you have a big package on offer. On the other hand, if you are looking for a college-age girlfriend, size is not really a factor.

Men in the Study

The results were also analysed for differences in the way men and women searched for their fill of online sausage.

The results leave no doubt which term men prefer – they searched for ‘cock’ a whopping 94% more often than they searched for ‘dick’.

Women were more balanced – they searched for ‘dick’ just 7% more often than they search for ‘cock’.

So, back to our question: Does size matter?

This research indicates that the answer boils down to which women you want to sleep with.

If you are looking for a middle-aged black woman in her late 30s to mid-40s, size matters.

If you prefer young, college-aged white, asian, latina and arab women, size does not matter.

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