Enhancing an Erotic Massage

If you are considering an erotic massage for the first time, and perhaps even if you had a great experience before and are thinking about getting another one, there are some things you should know. These little gems of knowledge centre on

  • Personal grooming;
  • Your attitude;
  • Simple techniques to enhance pleasure.

They will make every erotic massage experience a whole lot more pleasurable and might even make you your masseuse’s favourite customer.
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Personal Maintenance

Your massage professional is trained to respect and attend to every client. However, she is only human and if you consider her personal feelings, it will make for a much better experience.
First of all, remember to be clean. Take a shower before you go to eliminate body odour and the accumulated dirt and grime from your day. If you like, consider hair removal – it makes for much smoother contact and is more pleasurable for both you and the masseuse.

Mind Over Matter

Sure, an erotic massage is about touch but it is not all about touch. What is going on between your ears is just as important as what is happening between your legs.
A professional massage environment is always neat, clean and soothing because it is proven that mental ease makes the experience even more erotic and pleasurable. Do yourself a favour and abandon the stresses of your life and work at the door and simply let the delight of the massage wash all over you.

Control Your Breathing

One of the world’s oldest systems of erotic pleasure is Tantra. Founded thousands of years ago in India, it is based on controlling your body to achieve seemingly impossible feats of sexual prowess and reaching almost unimaginable heights of pleasure. The secret is breathing.
Yes, just the simple act of controlling your inhalation and exhalation has been shown to prolong orgasms and even intensify the pleasure of each one. So, regulate your breathing by breathing deep, holding for short intervals and exhaling slowly.
Your massage professional is ready to do her bit and these little tips will let you meet her halfway. In the end, the winner is always you!
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