How to Find and Stimulate the Female G-Spot

If you are female, welcome to a whole new word of self-discovery. If you are male, congratulations! Get this right and you will become the kind of man women brag to their friends about.

There is in many women a distinct area in the vagina that is more responsive to stimulation and many happy respondents claim to having vaginal orgasms that are even more pleasurable than clitoral ones. Ultimately, whether you (and your partner) find it or not is beside the point – you will have a lot of fun along the way.

Locating the Female G-Spot

Researchers have carried out extensive tests with women who have had orgasms after stimulation of their G-Spot in an attempt to obtain a general location.

It is now commonly accepted that the G-Spot lies on the anterior (toward the front of the body) wall of the vaginal passage, approximately 2 to 3 inches (5 to 7.5 cm) beyond the vaginal entrance. It varies in size between individuals but is usually between half an inch to two inches in diameter.

Stimulate the Female G-Spot

It is best to attempt this at a time when you are stimulated as the increased blood flow there will cause the area to swell up. Your position may also help – lying with your bum on a pillow will cause your body to arch naturally and bring the anterior surface closer to the vaginal passage.

To locate your G-Spot, slide two fingers (with the palm facing up) into the vagina. Crook your fingers so they are bent towards the belly. Feel around gently in the area for a spot that feels different from the surrounding tissue – spongy and puckered, perhaps like the roof of the mouth.

A successful location of the G-Spot may be accompanied by the urge to pee. However, this is a false alarm caused by the pressure that is placed on the urethra when the region is pressed.

Stimulating the G-Spot

The single most important factor in effective stimulation of the G-Spot is the angle of the stimulation. Because it lies towards the front of the body, a penis or sex toy or finger must be angled upwards to ensure maximum contact.

The other significant factor is pressure – too little and it won’t be effective, too much and it might cause discomfort.

Stimulate Female

If you are looking to the ultimate sexual escapade with your man, here are the best positions to try:

  1.  The Marksman. So called for its ability to zero in on the G-Spot, this involves you lying on your back. Your partner kneels between your legs and raises your butt up to enter. He lifts or lowers you for some precise G-Spot stimulationю
  2. Big Spoon – Little Spoon. Spooning is one of the most intimate experiences both sexually and romantically. Here, you can practice it lying on your sides, kneeling or standing up. Your partner is ‘Big Spoon’ behind you and enters so that the tip of his penis rubs directly against the front of your vaginal passage for immediate gratification.
  3. Lazy Doggie. Like the doggie, but with you resting on your belly. Your partner enters from behind, easily controlling the angle of penetration while you simply relax and enjoy the experience. This position allows for best control since only one partner is really moving, but you will have to guide him to adjust his stroke for maximum G-Sot contact and pleasure.

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