The Happy Ending Massage – Fact vs. Fiction

Virtually everyone knows what the term ‘happy ending’ means – Hollywood and late night comedy shows have seen to that. Unfortunately, they have also contributed to a host of misconceptions and myths about this element of the erotic massage experience.
Here is an insider’s reveal of the three biggest myths about happy endings.
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Fiction 1 – Sex is Included

This is probably the biggest lie that Hollywood has spread. (Well, about erotic massage, at least.)
Eroticism and sensuality are experiences in themselves, and your masseuse includes these elements to create an extremely stimulating encounter.
To drive you to the heights of pleasure, she uses a combination of:

  • her looks;
  • her voice;
  • her sense of touch.

Depending on the technique you choose and her specialty, she will employ her hands, arms, breasts, legs and feet.
Penetration is not part of the happy ending. You can opt for a ‘full service’ treatment if you need that.

Fiction 2 – Men Only

Nope, this is another fiction, fortunately. Hey, everyone deserves to be happy, don’t they?
Specialised women-only happy ending erotic massage establishments offer what is known as a ‘yoni’ massage. Yoni is the ancient Sanskrit word for the female genitalia and is the preferred term for practitioners of sexual Tantra.
This massage involves the manipulation of the vulva and clitoris and can also include penetration – it all depends on what the client chooses.
One thing to note – not every establishment services women (or men, for that matter). If you are a lady, do your research instead of just turning up where you guy friends go.

Fiction 3 – Jail!

Frickin’ Hollywood, man. No, cops do not sit on stakeouts of massage establishments, waiting to bust harried office workers looking for release.
Erotic massage is legal and regulated by the authorities. You just have to make sure the place you go is licensed and everything will be fine.
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