Happy Ending Massage – How Does it Feel Like?

Ahhh, the pleasures of Chinatown – noisy, stinky fish markets, creepy crawlies on a stick, rowdy street vendors and, of course, neon signs advertising massage services. Hey, who needs to travel when it can all come to you?

My friend, Leo, and I were strolling down a semi-unsavoury lane after having breakfast at a nearby restaurant we had discovered recently.

Leo was looking for a cheap massage place to take a kink out of his neck. Well, cheap but safe – there were some pretty dingy places with those ‘Massage’ signs that we did not have the guts to enter. We found one and headed inside.

The Ambience

The woman in her 50s at the reception desk smiled a fake smile. The three girls in their 20s in short skirts sitting nearby did not even glance up. One was filing her nails and the other two were busy poking their phones. Warming their fingers up for the massages they were going to give, no doubt.

Happy Ending in Paris

Leo let me handle the talking. The older lady did not speak English all that well and I communicated through sign language.

“Two massages,” I said, my fingers at face level in the Victory sign.

She smiled, more real this time, said ‘okay’ a few times and then spoke to the trio sitting nearby in a surprisingly harsh tone. Or perhaps it’s just the language, I don’t know.

The trio finally looked up and Leo and I just shuffled our feet as the older lady spoke and the girls answered in short bursts. It seemed uncannily like a mother arguing with sullen teenaged daughters.

The nail filer walked off down the hallway leading to the back and the counter lady prodded Leo and pointed to the hallway.

“See you on the other side,” I grinned as he entered a door and closed it.

One of the other girls walked to the hallway and opened another door. The old lady prodded me and pointed to her. I nodded and mumbled, “Thanks.”

The Dirty Deed

I headed inside and was closing the door behind me when someone held it from outside. Looking up, I saw it was the last girl. We looked at each other, confused.

Happy Ending Erotic Massage

The girl inside said something and the girl slipped in past me.

“You two?” said the first girl, her hand up in the Victory sign like I had given before.

Oh! They had thought I wanted two girls! I could have said ‘no’ but I realised:

  • I was embarrassed.
  • The two semi-bored, semi-English-speaking ladies looking at me expectantly.
  • I was wasting their time.
  • Most importantly, it was TWO GIRLS!

I just nodded.

“Open,” said the girl now, indicating I should strip.

I did and donned a towel and she pointed me to the massage table. I lay face-down and the massage began. Two hands good, four hands better, ladies and gentlemen. I drifted, almost asleep.

Gentle nudges brought me back and I understood they wanted me to turn over. I shifted and, to my surprise, they whipped the towel right off. I rose up on my elbows to protest but one girl put a hand on my chest and I settled back down.

I was about to be violated by two Asian girls. Or jerked off, whichever.

A few skillful strokes woke me right up in more ways than one. A condom slid onto my throbbing boner and the sight of their two heads so close to it made my toes curl. Then, one started sliding her hands up and down my shaft while the other had her left hand on my balls and the right stroking my chest.

I came sooner than I would have liked, even though they used the ‘squeeze-stop’ technique a few times.

The Aftermath

I dressed and went outside to pay. Leo had finished even sooner and we headed off.

“I’m sleepy,” I said, “I wonder why Nature has made guys like that?”

“Like what?”

“You know, sleepy after a happy ending,” I said.

“Happy ending?” said Leo, eyes widening.

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