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Good health is not just a matter of not falling sick. True health is holistic and involves mental, spiritual and sexual health in addition to physical health. There are very few practices that address all these individual components of wellness… but massage does.
Many couples who bring erotic massage into the bedroom end up making it a regular part of their sex life. It is a simple but fulfilling and immensely erotic practice that can be just as pleasurable for the person giving the massage as it is for the one receiving it.
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Never Forget the Basics

When it comes to erotic massage, just a small investment of time and effort can reap massive rewards in the long term. Here are some of the key things that you should focus on before, during and after the experience:

  • The Setting – The right atmosphere and the right location are essential. They allow you both to set your minds at ease and forget about the tensions and problems that trouble you all day. You can set the mood with scented candles, dimmed lighting, pleasant music and pleasing décor.
  • The Body – Bathe before the encounter, perhaps together. Ensure that you smell nice and wax or shave unwanted hair to enhance the sensation of skin rubbing on skin.
  • The Act – Erotic massage does not have to be set at the start, middle or end of a sexual encounter; it is entirely up to you to mould it into your sexual adventure of discovery. Maybe you can bathe together as foreplay to the massage, or you can have a post-sex relaxation massage. Perhaps the massage precedes it all. It is always your call.

You Can’t Lose

The wonderful thing about massage is that almost everyone is naturally good at it. In fact, novices using the kneading or pinching techniques that they use on their own aching muscles are thrilled to discover that the same moves feel just as good to their partner!
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