Learn How to Give a Nuru Massage

From its rather recent inception in Japan, nuru massage has become an international phenomenon that is offered by many of the best outcall massage specialists, including those at Sweettouch. Its popularity is so wide-reaching that an increasing number of couples are turning to this extremely pleasurable technique to add some spice to their sex life.

If you are part of a couple that wants to bring nuru massage into your sex life, there are some things that you will need to know and prepare beforehand.

Learn How to Give a Nuru Massage

Preparing a Place for Nuru Massage

First and foremost, remember that nuru massage is a sticky, messy affair – we mean that in the best way possible. That said, if you want to do it in your bed, you will need a protective plastic sheet that will cover its entire surface. It may be wise to arrange a ‘wall’ of towels and pillows under the sheet to ensure that the extremely gel does not escape and ruin your bedding and your carpet.

Alternatively, you can choose to engage in nuru in your bathroom or any other spot that has a firm surface and is away from prying eyes. In this case, the best option would be to use a plastic inflatable bed – this does away with the need for a separate plastic sheet and the slick surface is actually very conducive to the slippery nuru sensation.

How to Choose a Nuru Gel

Of course, you will need the essential ingredient of the magic – nuru gel. There are many manufacturers from which to choose but it is basically all the same thing. Nuru gel generally has to be warmed before use and this is most easily done by placing the container in a bowl of warm water. After warming it, mix the gel to a consistency to your liking, again with the help of some warm water.

Performing a Massage: Main Techniques

Nuru is best enjoyed in the nude. Lather yourself with a layer of the gel and have your partner lay on the bed facing up or down, whichever way you both like. Pour some gel from the bowl over their naked torso and use your hands and arms to spread it around. Your partner can use their hands to do the same to you. Spread the gel lower and then slide yourself on top of them – this is the start of the wonderful experience.

Now, on your hands and knees and resting your body on theirs, start to slide your body up and down and from side to side. There is no ‘technique’ for this – discover what feels the most pleasurable through trial and error, except there is no real ‘error’, only different levels of pleasure.

Recipients often say that the sensation of a woman’s breasts and buttocks slipping and sliding over their bodies is the best part of nuru. Concentrate on teasing and rubbing your partner’s most erogenous partswith the parts of your anatomy they find most appealing.

Don’t be afraid to explore positions:

  • facing;
  • back to back;
  • back to front;
  • head to foot.

Each of them conveys a whole new set of pleasures. Movement is your friend – switch positions, roll about, up and down, side to side, diagonally, even spinning or rotating your body can convey white-hot thrills through both your bodies. Many nuru enthusiasts say that there is no need even to directly manipulate the genitals for an excellent experience, but you may incorporate it as you wish.

Remember that the experience will leave you both very slippery all over – ensure you have towels on hand to wipe off the gel after you finish so you do not injure yourselves by slipping.

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