Your Man’s Most Erogenous Zones

Your Man’s Most Erogenous Zones

Skin to skin contact can produce the most pleasurable sensations that most of us know. Done right, it can build, transform, heal and strengthen your relationship with your partner. The perfect way to enhance your skin contact is to infuse it with the exotic appeal of a massage.

Target Specific Areas

Your man’s erogenous zones can be divided into regions of the body and here we show you which ones are most likely to have him squirming in pleasure… and eager to repay the favour.

1. The Head

No fancy preparations – have him lie on your lap or on the bed with you above his head, facing up and eyes closed.

The scalp is full of nerve endings – remember how good shampooing your hair feels – so gently scratch it with your nails to soothe him.

Move down to the temples, another nerve-rich area that will put him in a state of ease. The spot between the eyes is called the “Third Eye’ in Indian tradition and is an important acupressure point according to the Chinese. Stimulating these points increases blood flow, a key precursor to sexual activity.

Cup his jaw with both hands and gently pull upwards to stretch the neck muscles. The triangular trapezius muscle which join the neck to the shoulder either side of the neck are hotbeds of coiled-up tension. Kneading them will release the tension in his shoulder.

Most Erogenous Zones<

2. The Chest

The chest is a mass of muscle and nerve, and the most erogenous region here are the nipples. Rubbing and stroking the nipples and the surrounding area will instantly harden them, a sure sign of arousal.

3. The Hip

Just below the navel is a point acupressure specialists call the Gate of Origin. It is located approximately three inches below the lower edge of the navel and is said to be the path to ‘open sexual energy’.

There are also acupressure points on the thick tendons that connect the legs to the groin. Their proximity to the groin also make them ideal for promoting sexual stimulation.

The Penis

The preceding steps will loosen him up and have him ready – and willing! – for anything that you throw at him. However, a systematic approach will allow you to maximise his pleasure when you reach his penis. Here are the main parts to target:

  • Glans – The head of the penis is its largest single sensitive part.
  • Frenulum – The band of flesh that runs underneath the penis and connects the shaft to the glans, and the area around it are the most sensitive part of the entire penis.
  • Raphe – An extension in the same line as the frenulum, the nerve-rich line long the bottom of the shaft is very, very sensitive.
  • Scrotum – Be gentle here and you will see the scrotum contract and rise upwards as if squirming with pleasure… which it is.
  • Perineum – The prostate is also called the male G-Spot, and can be stimulated through the soft area of skin between the scrotum and the anus.

The best massage is one that alternates stimulating the most sensitive areas with ones less so, leaving your man riding a wave of pleasure that flares and recedes, prolonging the moment of ecstasy. When the wave does crash upon your shore, it surely will be a tsunami of happiness.

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