Music and Tantric Massage — A Heavenly Combination

tantric massage Music is such a powerful companion to the senses that it can evoke any and every emotion in the human mind. The sound waves and reverberations created by music have a mysterious but powerful ability to infuse the soul and speak to the spirit.

That is why music works so well with tantra, the 5000-year old ancient Hindu practice that seeks to make the Universe bow to the wishes of the individual. Tantric practices are all about elevating yourself to the status of a cosmic being by connecting the body, mind and spirit.

That perfect balance is easier to achieve in the right environment. Here, we discuss some of the best ways to combine music with tantric massage to unlock its deepest secrets.

Selecting the Right Musical Sounds

First of all, music that complements tantra is not limited to music in the generic sense of the word.

  • Lyrics — To be precise, the music does not have to include any lyrics. Some tracks may include ancient chants which you may or may not be able to decipher and that is fine.
  • Musical instruments — You do not need a musical instrument to make music. Sometimes, the most soothing sounds are those that Mother Nature creates. The wind in the trees, the sound of rustling water, perhaps even the call of animals living free in the wild can all help.

The important thing to remember is that the combined effect of all the sounds of the music must contribute to a sense of serenity and calm your senses. In fact, if you have a favourite track that does not fall into any category, it is just as good: the essential thing is that you are content with it.

Volume makes a huge difference. The most soothing music at too high a volume will have the opposite effect. Play it too low and the true effect is lost when the gentle sounds are drowned out by less pleasant ones.

When it comes to surrounding noises, try to ensure that outside sounds are kept at a minimum. On the other hand, you can accentuate the music track with sounds that help imbue a sense of relaxation. Good examples of this would be wind chimes and small water fountains that add to the atmosphere without being intrusive.

Other Things to Consider

Of course, sound is far from the only thing to consider when you want to have the perfect tantric massage. Among the other factors that affect the environment are:

  • Temperature — both excessively high and excessively low temperatures lessen your pleasure.
  • Light and shade — too bright and it is distracting, too dark and it can be uncomfortable.
  • Odours — just the right amount of a pleasant scent or perfume works best.

Remember that everyone has different sensitivities to these factors so you have to adjust to the individual accordingly. Different times of the year can also play a part — seasons bring with them varying temperatures and light conditions. Also, be certain to ask whether anyone has allergies to ensure the safest tantric massage.

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