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The knowledge of the ancients that has been passed down to us doesn’t always remain true to its original form. Just like Chinese whispers lose some of the essence of the original message, knowledge passed down through centuries can suffer some distortion.

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One of the most prevalent misconceptions of ancient knowledge is that Tantra deals exclusively with sexual relations.

Tantric Massage and its Forms

At the heart of the age-old practice of Tantra lies the fusion of two interacting souls. There are several levels to this interaction, only one of which is sexual.

Even when it is not overtly sexual, Tantra does still involve physical interaction. This includes touches and caresses which can be – and often are – misconstrued as foreplay. Instead, it is simply the medium by which two individuals discover more about each other.

Tantra as Foreplay

Whereas it is not exclusively sexual, the intimacy of tantric touch and massage allow it to easily be applied as an instrument of sexual expression. If normal massage works to free the muscles of tension, Tantric massage works to unburden the soul of its inhibitions.

The sense of touch is heightened in Tantric massage and the experience is most pleasurable when the massager uses more than just their hands. Expert Tantric masseuses also employ:

  • Forearms.
  • Elbows.
  • Breasts.
  • Buttocks.
  • Legs.
  • Feet.

No part of the recipient’s anatomy is left unattended. From the top of the head to the contours of the face, the front of the torso and the back, the genitals and the butTantric Massage servicetocks, and the legs down to the feet, every inch of flesh has a place in sensual Tantric massage.

You may choose to enhance the episode with the use of oils, feathers and other accessories.

The amazing thing is that all this can happen and create a cocoon of pleasure from which no one would like to emerge without ever entering the realm of sexual intercourse. It is in that fact that sensual Tantric massage has earned its massive modern following.

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