Self-Healing Massage

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The ancient Hindu practice of yoga transcends race, religion and national barriers. It has been shown to have a positive impact on various aspects of our lives, from the physical, psychological and physiological.

If, however, you cannot practice yoga itself for any reason, yoga master P.R. Sarkar has developed this healing self-massage that incorporates some of its elements.

How to Use the Healing Self-Massage

This routine was originally designed to complement a yoga routine and enhance its positive effects but may be employed on its own.

Self-Healing Massage

It is meant to be done over the space of about half an hour to fully unlock its amazing potential. However, it can be reduced to about 10 minutes if you are pressed for time. There is no absolute necessity for it to be preceded by yoga – try it whenever you feel like relaxing and stimulating the body.

The routine can be practiced sitting on the floor, on a chair or even lying down. After you have completed the facial massage component, you may use essential oils to enhance the environment.

The Healing Self-Massage Procedure

The procedure includes the following steps:

  1. Rub palms together – this will activate the life-force within you and also improve circulation
  2. Palms on eyes and breathe deeply. Repeat the following strokes three times unless otherwise specified.
  3. Massage head – use open palms and stroke up from forehead, over the top, and down the back of your head
  4. Eyebrows – Sweep your fingertips from the inside to outer corners of your eyebrows
  5. Eye sockets and ears – press your index fingers under the inner corners of the brow bone and slide them outwards over the eyeballs, continuing to the temples and on to the earlobes. Circle the ear and return to the front of the face.
  6. Ears – use your index finger to twist the ears’ inner surfaces
  7. Front of face – Massage inwards from your cheeks to your nose with your fingertips. Then, massage downwards from the eyes, over the cheeks to the jaw.
  8. Upper lip – Drag your fingertips outwards from the middle of your lips to the corners of your mouth, taking care to stay just under the nose.
  9. Jawline – starting from the centre of the chin under your mouth, massage the jawline upwards towards the ears. To do this, have your thumbs under your jaw and your other fingertips above it.
  10. Neck – Starting with your fingertips on either side of your windpipe, massage around to the back of your neck
  11. Arms – Raise your left arm and massage the inside along the bicep to the armpit. The armpit has a high concentration of lymph nodes so pay particular attention to it.
  12. Shoulders – Massage the meaty part (deltoid) of the left shoulder and twist and squeeze the forearms downwards toward the hand. Repeat steps 11 and 12 for the right arm and shoulder.
  13. Spine – Holding your right elbow in your left hand, use your fingertips to massage your spine from top to bottom without stretching uncomfortably. Switch arms and repeat.
  14. Ribs – place your fingertips between the ribs at the top of your chest and massage inwards.
  15. Abdomen – place your hands, the fingers forward, on your waist and massage your abdomen from the centre outwards on both sides. Inhale when you apply pressure and exhale after you finish the stroke.
  16. Lower back – place your hands on hips, thumbs forward, and massage your lower back outwards from the spine.
  17. Top of leg – Circle your hands around your left upper thigh and use your thumbs to massage the lymph glands in the groin area.
  18. Thigh – Massage the quadriceps and hamstring of the left leg.
  19. Lower leg – With one hand above the knee and the other below, massage the knee. The region under the knee is very rich in lymph nodes. Continue down to the calf and shin.
  20. Foot – massage the ankle. Continue lower to the foot, using your knuckles to knead the sole. Push the toes downwards to the heel.
  21. Toes – Twist and squeeze each toe and press a finger into the webbing between the toes. Slap the sole from toes to heel. Repeat steps 17 to 21 for the right leg.
  22. Finish – Lie on your back, arms slightly away from your body and legs slightly apart. Relax for at least five minutes, breathing deeply all the time.


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