Sensual and Sweet Touching in Erotic Massage

Massage is an excellent way to bond with your partner. Whether you are high-school sweethearts celebrating your tenth wedding anniversary, or still in college and looking for a way to take the next step with a new friend, a massage can be made erotic by the very fact that is not overtly erotic.

Hand in Hand

It is said that the modern wave evolved from our ancient ancestors showing each other that they were not carrying weapons. The palm-to-palm touch of the handshake was its more intimate extension to friends.

Sensual hand in hand massage

The interlacing of the fingers, then, is the most intimate of them all. This simple gesture holds in it the sweetness built over millennia. Sliding you hand into your partner’s as you massage them evokes the closeness of your relationship. Interlace your fingers to magnify that intimacy before moving on for an infusion of sensuality between the eroticism.

Fingers Through the Hair

This is another symbol of our evolutionary past which is firmly ingrained in our individual psyches. Many animals today groom each other’s fur as an act of bonding.

Fingers through the hair erotic massage

Running your fingers through your partner’s hair also has the effect of stimulating the dense concentration of nerve endings that make scalp massages such a pleasure.

Combine the stroking of hair with a sensuous head massage for an irresistible combination that will make your partner’s toes curl.

Hands and Faces

We seldom let anyone but our most intimate friends touch our faces. It is an act of complete surrender and closeness to another individual that is usually accompanied by a meeting of the eyes.

In the midst of an erotic massage, pause. Wait till your partner is looking at you and hold their gaze as you move closer, never breaking the spell even for a moment.

Bring your face close to theirs so you can look deep into each other’s eyes, and place your hand gently on their cheek (or both). The odds are the bond between you might cause them to respond with their hand on your cheek.

Savour the moment and drink in their eyes as you feel the warmth of their face. A kiss is optional…. if you can resist.

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Adapt to the Landscape

Perhaps the most naturally appealing aspect of massage is that the sensation of skin on skin is erotic in itself. It follows, then, that to increase the pleasure, it is necessary to increase the surface area in contact.

Hot erotic massage

The easiest and most effective way to do this is to adopt a flexible hand position at all times. If the instructions said your hands have to be flat, they do not have to be ruler-straight. Just keep them as straight as is possible while ensuring that all of your fingers and palm are in contact with your partner’s skin.

Your partner will sense that you are not stiff and will respond better to both the eroticism of the massage and the deftness of your hands.

The Final Word

Sex is sex, but it is the foreplay that matters. Sweet and sensual touches work in the midst of an erotic massage because:

  • It shows your partner the depth of your bond.
  • When it comes naturally, it is irresistible.
  • It is the small waves that will cause the overwhelming tsunami of pleasure at the end.

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