We have all heard urban legends of sex toys buzzing away in a postal package or in luggage, humiliating the owner. While publicising your use of sex toys is generally inadvisable, the stigma attached to them has gradually dissipated over the last decade or so.

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Should You Use Them?

Using sex toys no longer places you in the realm of sexual deviants. In fact, they are even recommended by some sex therapists and couples’ therapists as a tool for developing and nurturing intimacy. However, the range of possible users is much larger:

  • Singles who crave sexual release but struggle to find a suitable partner.
  • Long-term couples who want to get out of a sexual rut.
  • Couples who want to add an exciting new dimension to their love life.
  • Any woman who suffers from reduced vagina lubrication due to age or medication.

Despite the creeping acceptance of sex toys as part of a healthy individual’s life, some barriers are hard to overcome. Here are some of the most common, and how you can overcome them.


Self-consciousness certainly could be a virtually insurmountable barrier in the past. Fortunately, the internet’s cloak of anonymity does away with the embarrassment factor. There is no shortage of sex shops and health shops that offer a variety of products suitable for your particular needs.

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Upsetting the balance

A common misconception is that a sex toy user is never able to enjoy toy-free again. It’s not heroin guys – you can find sexual highs in a variety of sex positions, scenarios and fantasies without the need for a particular machine.

Alienating your partner

Some women fear that the introduction of an artificial tool can cause their partner to feel unwanted or unnecessary. Introduce the idea before buying one and let him use it on you. That shared exploration will settle his reservations and make it an “our” toy instead of a “her” toy.

A Word of Caution

Remember to check that the product is skin safe. Cheap sex toys made of jelly or rubber cannot be completely cleaned because they are porous. Others contain phthalates, which has been shown to be harmful and is banned from kids’ toys.

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