TOP -3 Techniques for Sensual Massage

Boredom can kill any relationship, no matter how strong it might have been initially. And there are few aspects of relationship that can go south faster than in the bedroom.

It might be difficult to completely reinvent yourself in the bedroom but there is a simpler technique that doesn’t require an entire rethink – the inclusion of sensual massage into your bedroom routine.

Sensual Massage Service

Why Sensual Massage?

Massage works because it prolongs the part of the sexual experience that women seem to enjoy the most – foreplay. And when she is happy, she will be eager to make you, too. Sensual massage works on the principle that the body is replete with pressure points that have the ability to transform a person’s mood virtually instantaneously. In your fingertips and your hands, you hold the power to stimulate your girl into exactly the state of ecstasy that will have her giving and receiving more than she has before.

Doing it Right

The art of sensual massage is a complicated talent to cultivate, but you don’t have attend a single class or dedicate years of your life to learning it. Here, we present to you a few simple tricks that will allow you to reap the benefits almost immediately.

Sensual Tantra Massage in Paris

1. Get the ambience right

Women are delicate creatures and you want to be sure that she understands that you have taken the trouble to make her comfortable. Here are the basics of ambience:

  • Lighting – The aura of mystery and call of possibility are both best served in a place of low light. Dimmer lights work best but you can make do with placing table lamps with low-wattage bulbs or by covering them with some cloth.
  • Temperature – You want her to be as comfortable as possible for her to be receptive to your advantages. If you are going to have her stripping down for an erotic massage, you will at least have to make sure that she is not freezing cold and eager to get her clothes back on. Also, easy on the heater – too much sweat is a mood killer.
  • Music – The exact choice of music depends on the girl. If she is a free spirit, the calls of nature etc. would be perfect; otherwise, chillout music might be just the thing for a party girl.
  • Smell – Please, get those smelly socks and clothes out of there days before you plan this! Enhance her mood with scented candles that add to the lighting mood as well.

2. Use the right oils

Massage oils both lubricate the skin to make for a better experience and may be scented to create a complementary mood. Two of the most common types are sandalwood and rose oils, but feel free to select one that you may have an inkling she likes. Remember, don’t be too liberal with the oil – she’s there for a massage, not a bath.

3. Use the right techniques

One good way to determine what she would like is to know what feels good to you. There are certain strokes that we use on our bodies when we are tired, like when we massage our temples or our shoulders after a long day.

Feel for knots of tension and stroke them the same way you like. Otherwise, simple circular movements with the thumbs and fingers work wonders. Vary the pressure according to what she likes by asking her what feels good.

Reserve long, seeping strokes for large stretches of flesh like her back or her legs and follow up with focused rubbing on tension knots.

Talk to her as you go, whisper in her ear, ask her what feels good. Make sure that your hands are warm before you lay them on her – rub them together with the oil.

Who knows, if this works out well, she might be offering you massages of her own!

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