Touch, the Essence of Massage

Massage has become so popular as a tool for both relaxation and for sexual release because it is so easy to perform. However, incorporating just some small pointers about the art from the experts can make the massage experience even better for both the recipient and the masseuse.
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Positioning the Recipient

Massage is all about blood flow and relaxed muscles. It is essential that you pay attention to how the person is positioned at every step as you give him or her the massage:

  • Head – Most massages begin with the person receiving the massage lying face down. It is for this reason that professional massage beds come with a special doughnut-shaped headrest. This allows the person to lie comfortably without impeding their breathing. If you do not have one of these beds, towels set in a ‘U’ shape can be helpful.
  • Arms – Massages usually begin with arms at the sides beside the torso but some people prefer to place them under their forehead or cheek when lying face-down. Gently reposition the arms as you proceed with the massage.
  • Joints – The human body is a series of curves and joints and these have to be catered to during the massage. For example, when a person is lying on their back, the back of the neck, the small of the back and the back of the knees can be supported by small pillows or rolled-up towels.

Special techniques

Shiatsu is arguably the most famous of the non-regular schools of massage. It uses the application of focused pressure through the tips of the fingers, as opposed to the kneading, chopping and sliding movements of Swedish massage.
Swedish massage is comparatively much easier to learn and administer. It is based around the grabbing of the muscles between fingertips or between fingertips and the base of the palm and squeezing.
Many couples incorporate techniques from different schools so long as it feels good. We agree!
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