Unravelling the Mystery of Asian Massage

The name “Asia” refers to the world’s largest continent, which encompasses dozens of countries stretching from Japan to the Middle East. An “Asian massage“, however, has come to refer to techniques that are specifically “Oriental”, i.e., from the Far East, which includes China and Japan. In recent times, it has also become synonymous with the “full service” or erotic massage.

Getting a Traditional Asian Massage

Asian massage is distinct from Swedish massage, which is the most common of massage in the West. The three main schools of traditional Asian massage are:

  • Japanese Shiatsu.
  • Chinese Amma Therapy.
  • Thai Massage.

Tantric massage, which originated in India is not often lumped together with these three schools but is very much an Asian art of massage. However, Tantric massage straddles both traditional and erotic worlds because, though authentically Indian, it has always been focused more on the erotic senses.

It is reasonably easy to find authentic traditional Asian massage in most major Western cities because of both the number of persons of Asian origin and the proven effectiveness of the massage. The prices typically range between EUR 30 to EUR 100 for an hour of treatment.

asian massage

Erotic Asian Massage

A massage is essentially a pleasurable experience. Today, though, the term “Asian massage” refers as much to erotic techniques as it does to traditional ones.

It is not strictly massage and sometimes can just be a masseuse with lubricant committed to giving you a happy ending. One of the most popular new forms of Asian massage is nuru, a body-to-body massage that uses an extremely slippery gel called nuru as the lubricant.

The association between Asia and erotic massage stems from the large numbers of Asian women who turned to it as a means of earning money quickly in the countries to which they immigrated. As such, be cautious because some establishments may be involved in human trafficking and are strictly illegal.

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