Why erotic massage is better?

The sense of touch is one of the most amazing of the five senses that we possess, and arguably the one most conducive to sexual encounters.

Why erotic massage is better

The Effects of Massage

Massage, for all the varied genres and ideologies it may prescribe to, is essentially the exchange of touch between one living, breathing body and another. Even the most platonic massage requires this intimate contact between two sets of warm flesh connected to two brains, and those two brains are not concerned with words like ‘platonic’, but rather receive messages of the intimacy of the touch and cause the body to react in response.

Erotic massage was conceived recognizing this essential truth.

An erotic massage incorporates every technique of a normal massage and its corresponding benefits and infuses the interaction with a touch of divine pleasure, arousing in the recipient a heat and surge in blood flow that is beneficial for both physical appearance and releasing mental anxiety.

The Fusion of Two Worlds

A masseuse performing an erotic massage simply focuses her skills and her concentration on the erogenous zones of the massage recipient. The stimulation may include that done by:

  • hands;
  • elbows;
  • knees and feet.

Possibly also the entire body of the masseuse is transformed into a weight to apply pressure – and induce pleasure – in particular parts of the recipient.

This results in the latter receiving a dual dose – one of a stimulation of the erogenous zones, and the other of the benefits of the particular type of massage being rendered. While the advantages of the former are self evident, the rewards of the latter are dependent on the particular genre of massage being performed.

Erotic massage leads to the most intimate relationship between masseuse and client of all the types of massage, which is in itself a therapeutic process.

Whether you are looking for an intimate encounter that integrates the benefits of normal massage with a professional or a regular partner, rest assured that you are getting the best of both worlds with an erotic massage.

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