Erotic Massage in Paris

Each of our masseuses is intended to provide a high quality service; nevertheless note that your experience will vary depending on the expertise and the personality of each masseuse.

What you need to do before the massage session: make the room temperature warm that you and masseuse will feel comfortable, take a shower before a massage, make sure to have few towels ready and just relax. Our masseuse will set up intimate romantic atmospher with her own soft music, candle and will dim the lights so you can surrender for receiving sensual massage and your mind can focus on the sensation in the present moment. Masseuse should be given the opportunity of taking a shower after the sesion. Our staff retain the right to refuse any client whose intention and behaviour are not in keeping with our views and policies. Thanks for understanding.

There’s no need to be lonely tonight when a beautiful masseuse is waiting to give you a wonderful mixture of sensual massage and tantrique massage in Paris. Close your eyes, let go of the stress and feel the warm hands of your masseuse working on your body… A tantra massage in Paris will be an experience that you will never forget. The quality of sexy erotic massage for men and women is really taken seriously with Sweettouch Service. Our masseuses are from all over the world (Ukrainian, Russian ,French, Italian, British and other) trained and fully qualified to provide you a very enjoyable experience : a perfect combination of a deep tissue relaxing massage with a very sensual touch. Being totally naked will help you to feel totally relaxed.


Mystery is the key A mystery appears the very moment you call us. What will your masseuse be like? The enigma is there, when you dream about an unbelievable sensual experience and anticipate all sorts of pleasure. Whatever your fancies are, the reality will turn out much better! Discreet and elegant, a lady visiting you will turn into a gorgeous Venus on the threshold of your bedroom. You will be wrapped in the soft candle glow and enchanting melodies, so why not feel a bit lightheaded? Soft and powerful hands will mass your tired muscles, so that you could get into the stimulating energy exchange. Once the masseuse feels you are open to the spiritual dialogue, you will feel her tender naked body sliding on your skin. You will discover the spots of your body that you would never think so sensitive. Our ladies are good psychologists, so they do their best to discover what kind of caresses you prefer. You will feel the most intense arousal you have ever experienced. The local erotic massage that we provide is singular in every way. You will be equally tantalized by happy ending and willing to extend the blissful moment as long as possible. Mutual trust is vital Confidence is a precious gift that is easy to lose and hard to regain. When you entrust us with your name, your reputation and your body, we take care of all the three. As our masseuses are discreet and neatly dressed, you will have no problems with your hotel reception. Your name is kept secret, because we respect your right to privacy. Your body will be treated gently, with all the attention and feminine care. The massage we provide is not therapeutic: you will feel no pain or discomfort. In our turn, we trust you to respect the dignity of your masseuse: take a refreshing shower before her arrival, refrain from asking her embarrassing questions and do not forget about the reward! We invite you to understand that she is a highly trained specialist, so she offers a massage only. Pretty women = businesswomen Our company is proud of having both attractive and smart masseuses. Intelligent people understand the value of time. This is the reason why they are never late. Call us 30 minutes before the massage, and she will be at your place in time. Your personality is precious for us, so your masseuse will do her best to know you sensually. However, she will never ask you for some personal information. Tact is our golden rule. Policy


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