5 Secrets for Men to Know

They say men are from Mars, women are from Venus, but it is amazing how well these two groups of people complement each other. Still, the needs and wants that men and women have from their respective intimate relationships vary quite significantly.

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So Different, Yet the Same

Men are genetically primed to a mentality that focuses on the act of sexual intercourse itself – they get the maximum pleasure from that experience and their energy levels crash after orgasm and ejaculation.

On the other hand, women gain as much pleasure from foreplay and post-play as they do from the sex act itself. Their energy and endorphin levels go through a gentle flux, allowing them to experience multiple orgasms, each of which may be longer than a man’s single one.

So, What do You do?

For a man looking to strengthen his relationship in bed, here are a few tips:

  1. Relax – Many women say that their partners lose their normal personality when it comes to sex and concentrate too hard on the ‘rules’. Women prefer a man who is as playful and mischievous and carefree in bed as he is everywhere else. Take it easy and enjoy the experience without the unnecessary pressure.
  2. Words Matter – Not just in bed as you strip down, but throughout the day as you interact. The language, tone and manner in which you speak to your partner greatly impact her self-confidence and the mentality she brings to the bedroom. A simple change in the way you interact in the lead-up to bedtime can transform your sexual relationship and deliver greater pleasure than you previously thought possible.
  3. Touches Matter – For a woman, the entire day can be an exercise in foreplay that culminates in the excitement of a sexual encounter in bed. From gentle caresses as you brush past each other in the morning, to the feel of your lips on her ear as you mumble a few words in her ear, to running your hand down her back as she stands. All these send shivers and ripples of pleasure radiating across her body, setting her sexual side primed. At the end of the day (or much, much earlier if you prefer), when you decide to consummate, the fire in her will satiate you like never before. The touches should carry on after the act itself is over, too. Just simple cuddling and holding hands after intercourse can be invaluable to the strength of a relationship.
  4. Orgasms – Men and women approach orgasms differently because of the physiological difference between them. For men, the orgasm is the absolute pinnacle of pleasure and the ultimate aim of the sexual experience. For women, the matter is less rigid and they can have satisfying sexual relationships without an orgasm as a necessity. Men who realise this fact allow themselves to relax and enjoy giving and receiving pleasure instead of focusing on simply delivering an orgasm.
  5. Afterwards – The typical sexual escapade drains a man, making him tired and sleepy. Because women do not need this temporary rest, the disconnect between their needs after the experience may be less than fulfilling for a woman. As a man, there is no need to forego the rest entirely – simply settle down in her arms so she can have the intimacy she craves while you get the rest you need. When you awake in a while, the experience of looking straight into her eyes will be magical for both of you.

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