Incall and Outcall Erotic Nuru Massage in Paris

nuru massageNuru massage comes from Japanese courtesan tradition. Curiously enough, the Japanese men did not seek love and affection at home, their wives thought of as housekeepers and perfect managers. Love and sexual experiences were the domain allotted to courtesans. These women incessantly invented sophisticated ways to please their partners. One of the brightest examples is body-to-body massage, where a naked woman glides upon the recipient. Erotic Nuru massage means “slippery” due to the nature of special substance the men were plastered in.

Our young smooth-skinned ladies will mass both the front and the back of your body without any help of their hands. Your masseuse covers herself with a special gel that facilitates the glide. The gel has a raunchy effect as it intensifies your senses.

Just imagine her soft balmy skin sliding on yours! Reviving waves will run through your body, and you will feel a surge of desire. We guarantee you novel feelings that you will be unable to forget!

30min – 170€
1h – 250€
90min – 330€
2h – 410€

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