DMCA policy

The intellectual property rights of other people are of huge importance for us, and we require the same from all users. There is a Digital Millennium Copyright Act protecting people from copyright infringement. So, if your copyrighted materials are used without your permission and you wish to report a claim that those are used by a third party/parties through SweetTouch services, you should send a notice, which must include all of the following items (the address is below) for us to be able to take actions to protect your rights and your intellectual property:

  1. A detailed description of the work (the work should be copyrighted, as if it’s not we won’t be able to help you)
  2. A detailed description of the material you’d like to be removed. Besides, you should provide the Uniform Resource Locator of this material (or other location)
  3. Provide your personal data. This must include your name, address, e-mail, and phone number. If you are acting as an agent, you should also provide your title. 
  4. You should also include the statement: I believe that the usage of this intellectual property is illegal, as its owner didn’t allow it”
  5. Another statement necessary to be included: “I am the only owner of the intellectual property (or his/her agent), so I’m responsible for providing only truthful information and I fully understand that perjury will be punished”
  6. Last, but not least – provide the signature of the person who owns the copyright (or agent’s signature). The form of a signature doesn’t matter, it can be either physical or electronic.

So, if your rights are violated, feel free to send all the submissions under DMCA Policy to Be sure your submission will be reviewed carefully, and all the necessary actions will be taken. The content may be removed or disabled, according to the DMCA policy. We’ll do everything we can to protect your rights.