Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Each Consumer agrees with our Terms and Conditions while using the website for service booking (Online Form). Having ordered the service via website or our WhatsApp, online chat, email, by phone call the Client agrees with Terms and Conditions automatically. The section of Terms and Conditions contains main regulations to take into consideration. Additional terms and rules are included for information purposes.

Useful Terms

  • The Company Sweettouch Paris ( Website sweettouch.fr ) – the supplier of the qualitative interaction between Massagers and Consumers. Sweettouch guarantees the rational problem and question resolutions. Disputes between Consumers and Massagers are regulated by the Company representatives.
  • Massage – the prime service that is booked on the sweettouch.fr . Consumers have the right book for both massage and escort (accompaniment) Services. Massages do not belong to the therapeutic and/or medical-grade services. Consumer book Massages for relaxation and feeling of well-being.
  • Consumer (Client, Customer) – the Person who books services on Our Website. The Consumer does not pay for services to the Company. The Client renders payment to the service provider (Massager) directly.
  • Massagers (Independent Practitioners) – provides massage services. Massagers interact with Consumers with the help of Our Website sweettouch.fr . When the service booking takes place, Swettouch Paris is not in charge of the type and quality of Services. The Massager gets the payment directly from the Consumer. Independent Practitioners do not provide services of a sexual character as it is regulated by the french law.

Our Services

www.sweettouch.fr aims to assist Consumers in searching for a professional massager. Our planform is a convenient way of interaction between Clients and massage masters. Consumers have the right to choose the appropriate massager online and book services with the help of our official website.

Massagers (Independent Practitioners) provide qualitative massaging services (Massages).  Sweettouch Paris is not responsible for massage masters and the way of their service provision. We are accountable for the booking process, the selection of Massagers on the Website, and the resolution of disputes between Consumers and Massagers.

If the Consumer has complaints and wants to get refunds, we contact the Client. Sweettouch Paris obtains the special Customer Service Team (Staff) for the regulation of different questions. Contact information can be found in the Contact Us section. Sweettouch Paris does not take note of grievances to the complaints according to the quality of massage services.

Main Conditions

  1. The Consumer should be at least 18 years old.
  2. The Company is considered an intermediary body of service provision.
  3. Consumers agree with Terms and Conditions while booking Services.
  4. The Independent Practitioners act on grounds of the Massage Agreement Our Company drew up.
  5. Use of Our Website sweettouch.fr and other booking capabilities should take place according to Terms and Conditions.
  6. The Consumer provides personal data for booking Massage services. The Company does not divulge information and does not share it with third parties.

Regulations of Booking Process and Payment

  1. The Consumer uses an online form for booking Services.
  2. A WhatsApp account, online chat, phone number, email are available for making orders as well.
  3. The Massage Fee (payment) belongs to providers of Services (Massagers).
  4. fr does not require additional charges.
  5. The Client gets a notification that the selected Massager confirmed the invitation.
  6. The booking is completed if a confirmation SMS or email letter was received.
  7. The pricing plan is available on the Website sweettouch.fr

Consumer Responsibilities

  1. The Consumer should be of legal age (at least 18 years old) and agree with Terms and Conditions.
  2. The Consumer should provide an accurate time of the meeting with the Massager.
  3. The Consumer obtains the right to cancel the Massage appointment in 24 hours from the time of the notification was received. The cancellation is non-refundable in such a case.
  4. The Consumer is responsible for the safety of the Massager who provides him Services.
  5. The Consumer should ensure the appropriate place for massages and comfortable conditions 4 or 5 star hotel, apartment or residence

Extensions & Delays

  • The Independent Practitioner should agree to extend the time of the appointment.
  • The extra time charge should be paid to the Massager.
  • If the Consumer is 10 minutes late and more, the Massager can cancel the appointment.
  • If the Massager agrees to wait for the Consumer, the appointment can start later.

Modification and Cancellation

SweeTouch reserves the right to change conditions and other regulations presented in the Terms and Conditions section. The stoppage of service provision can take place by the decision of sweettouch.fr at any time. The Consumer will be informed about Cancellation

SweetTouch reserves the right to change prices for Massages and other supplementary services. We can implement modifications to the Contract, Terms and Conditions. SweeTouch has the right to change the range of services, exclude some of them any time on grounds of any reason.

Privacy Policy

SweetTouch Incall and Outcall Paris, France follows privacy laws and gives our clients a sense of security, true mutual discretion and full confidentiality. Under no circumstances do we ever disclose any contacts, email addresses or famous well-known names of our clients. All your transactions, made by verbal, financial, personal means or by correspondence are strictly confidential, as well as our customers identities.

SweetTouch team finds that it’s really important to establish respect, trust, mutual integrity and retains absolute privacy with all our clients whether executive, vip or royalty. With us you could always enjoy the supportive female management, high level of security, first-class quality of provided services and warm, caring treatment in a pleasant, sparkling atmosphere.

We maintain our word that we will never disclose the names of any of our clients, because strict confidentiality is our fundamental priority, and we always pay extra attention to its preservation.