Lingam Massage

The land of the Kamasutra, of yoga and of ancient esoteric knowledge – India – combined all three to gift theLingam massage in Paris world one of the most sensuous and indulgent pleasures known to mankind. The Lingam massage.

The word ‘lingam’ means phallus, and the phallic shape can be found in Hindu temples, always constructed within an oval-shaped ‘yoni’ to depict the female divine. This remarkable reverence for the sexual process and the pleasure it entails mesmerised the ancient Indians.

The lingam massage was created to not only enhance the pleasure obtained by massaging the penis, but also to prolong it. It is performed using special strokes and movements, varying the grip and the pressure, and usually aided by oil. This creates one of the most tantalising experiences for man.

Every professional SweetTouch masseuse adept at the lingam massage has dedicated much time and training to achieve the perfection of the techniques which have been passed down through the ages. Let her show you what she has learned.

Our Professional Masseuses

All our professional masseuses speak English and French but they are usually also adept in at least one other language. This is because the majority of them hail from nations across the globe, particularly:

  • Russia;
  • Brazil;
  • France;
  • Spain;
  • Arab countries;
  • Colombia.

Not only does this give you a very wide variety of physical appearances from which to choose, it also lets you bond with someone with your background if you are homesick, or connect with someone entirely different if you are in the mood for discovery.

Every SweetTouch masseuse is a model of female health and beauty and is always aged between 20 and 25 years.

Where and When to Get a Lingam Massage in Paris

A full lingam massage therapy service can be yours almost anywhere in Paris. Sweet Touch does only outcalls, which means that you can be at home or at hotel and we will come to you.

Currently, we cover all the districts in central Paris like Louvre, Bourse, Temple, Hôtel-de-Ville, Panthéon, Luxembourg and Palais-Bourbon. We also extend our service to districts 15 km outside the city limits and the area around the Charles de Gaulle Airport.

For your convenience, we do outcall lingam massage every day of the week. Our girls are available between 10 a.m. and 3 a.m.

Other Information about Your Lingam Massage

We accept cash payments only.

If you would like a particular girl, you can contact us for her schedule through the online chat feature on our website. We can also make bookings there, or on the listed phone number.

30min – 170€
1h – 250€
90min – 330€
2h – 410€

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