Lesbian erotic massage

lesbian show1We know that two young girls petting each other will turn you on! Especially if they are pretty. Especially if they do it slowly. Especially if they massage your body afterwards!

During our lesbian show, we will clarify what a woman likes. You will soon find out which caresses excite us and which do not. Which spots should you stimulate and in which way? We know how to please each other, as no one can understand a woman better than another woman! Out of generosity and cheerfulness, we are impatient to share our satisfaction with you.

When you watch our masseuses enjoying each other, you get a real aesthetic gratification. You relax easily forgetting the problems of the day. The perfume of love is in the air, and it is the sweetest scent to breathe in. When you contemplate an intense shaking orgasm, your body becomes more sensitive to the caresses of our masseuses. Experts in both male and female body, they will give you an overwhelming climax. All you need is to sit back, enjoy the view and prepare your feelings for a gentle four-hands massage.

1h – 600€
2h – 1000€

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