Incall and Outcall Erotic massage in Paris

SweetTouch Incall & Outcall Erotic Massage in Paris is a company that fulfils dreams. Sensual naturist massage is our main activity, although we provide other services such as erotic shows, dating, parties, sexy guide service. Feel free to confide us your hottest fantasies. You will soon make sure that there is nothing impossible for us. Imagine absolute freedom. Let your problems go, release your emotions, forget about your deadlines and just immerse yourself in the mysterious atmosphere that our masseuses create for you! Book online
About Sweettouch

In Sweet Touch, we are passionate about sensual practices ascending to the beginning of time. We know the secret techniques bringing out your desires and awakening your sexual energy. The erotic massages we master will surely satisfy the most meticulous clients bringing you ultimate pleasure. Our massages are imaginative, diverse and 100% exciting your deepest senses. Add the stunning beauty of our masseuses, and you will get an incredible fusion! Would you like to find the perfect place to discover erotic massage and feel the quality relaxation?

Relive the unique experience of sensual intimate massage with SweetTouch!

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You can book the Incall massage and Outcall massage at your hotel/home
Being in the top ranking since 2015, we offer you excellent erotic massage services. You will be received in a warm and cozy environment by our charming, classy, and well-trained masseuses that are the true experts of naturist massage. They can really amaze you with their caresses, touches, softness, and special knowledge. Let’s enjoy a magical moment of excitement and outstanding relaxation with our sensual goddesses that will immerse you in a wonderful universe of euphoric pleasure, passion, and incomparably intense satisfaction.
We Invite You to Sweet Touch for the Best Erotic Massage in Paris

Sensitive touches are the fundamental and irreplaceable world’s pleasures. Sensual massage is one of the manifestations of such pleasure, and if beautiful, specially trained girls perform it, the process becomes even more enjoyable. We invite you for the erotic massage in Paris — the most sexual of all the adult massage types.

What Is Erotic Massage in Paris?

Erotic massage is a particular massage type that relaxes and excites a partner, originated from the East. In ancient times, people knew it was possible to correctly influence specific body points, giving pleasant and valuable sensations.

Even in ancient China, specially trained people used the acupressure technique in specific areas to prolong sexual intercourse. In this regard, we must not forget about India, where the art of sensual touches had a particular role. This country presented the world with aromatic oils for stimulation and relaxation during the hot massage session.

Well, for those who want to try the most excellent erotic massage in Paris, we welcome you to the SweetTouch website to browse profiles of our skilled masseuses!

Emotional Component of Sensual Erotic Massage

Erotica is an essential component of human life. Through emotions and sensations, a person receives pleasure, which benefits both physical and mental states. During an erotic massage session, the organism produces hormones of happiness, which prompts a man to call for our services repeatedly. Everyone wants to feel welcome and loved as if he receives a sensual procedure from his life partner, not the outcall massage master.

What Are the Popular Types of Tantric Erotic Massage in Paris?

Erotic massage is a true art and a creative process. Finding the keys to open man’s emotions, stimulate erogenous zones, and physically respond to the movements performed is essential. There are many erotic massage techniques, but those listed below make our clients happy:

  • Nude full-body massage — a type of erotic massage with full-body contact.
  • Yoni and Lingam massage — tantric lingam and yoni sessions are focused on sacred spaces involving the genitalia of both men and women. Though their methods may vary, both typically start with conventional tantric energy work.
  • Tantric massage — the focus of tantric massage is on releasing bodily blocks and tension that impede spiritual and sexual well-being.
  • Nuru massage — this type of nude massage involves applying massage oil to the naked bodies and rubbing them together for maximum contact.
  • Couple erotic massage — sensual erotic session for couples.

Some massage sessions involve light teasing movements, while others require a strong impact. The SweetTouch Paris masseuses know the most subtle nuances and secrets of erotic massage and can deliver unforgettable pleasure to any client.

Importance of Aromatherapy for Eroticism and Romance

An aromatherapy sensual massage can evoke positive emotions and feelings because everyone reacts differently to different scents. Aromatherapy and the idea that mental well-being can aid in physical issues go hand in hand.

Scents are significant factors in enhancing eroticism during the sensual massage session. Like animals, humans are thought to release potent sexual scents called pheromones from their sweat glands when they are in the mood for sexual activity. These odorous work tremendously and increase sensibility during the erotic session.

Why Do Clients Return to SweetTouch Paris for a New Dose of Erotic Pleasure?

Gentle touches to all body parts, including erogenous zones, give unprecedented lightness and help you forget about everyday problems. The particular popularity of erotic massage is due to several health advantages, including:

  • Increasing blood circulation.
  • Reducing stress.
  • Helping with various sexual issues, including erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.
  • Treating anxiety and other related mental health conditions.
  • Assisting you in learning more about unusual body parts during foreplay.

Erotic massage is a complex and multifaceted art that conceals many secrets. By revealing them all, you can achieve the highest bliss from the sensual procedure.

Erotic Massage from Beautiful Masseuses in Paris

Our sensual masseuses are pretty young girls, true professionals in the massage field. They can efficiently perform things you couldn't even dream of, working with every muscle group and every millimetre of your body. Of course, it is worth mentioning that our masseuses offer you an individual approach and excellent erotic massage, leading to complete relaxation of mind and body and complete harmony.

At SweetTouch Paris, we selected the most beautiful, intelligent and sophisticated women from around the world who we trained in erotic massage to help you relax and bring happiness and passion into your life. They are fluent in English and French, as well as body language.

We invite you to browse our high-class masseuse gallery. All images shown below are genuine and recent photos of the girls.

Will the Masseuse Be Naked During the Erotic Massage?

At SweetTouch Paris, we see nudity as something natural, beautiful and free of embarrassment. The girl of your dreams is naked in all the massage sessions in our Menu.

Essentials about SweetTouch Erotic Massage Services in Paris

Did you have a rough day and need moments of relaxation, sensuality, and intense pleasure? The SweetTouch incall and outcall erotic massage service will create conditions for peace and restoration of vitality.

Our erotic sessions are 30-90 minutes long, address single persons and couples and include the most excellent sensual procedures with various options (soft domination, mutual massage, erotic dance, jacuzzi, and more).

Here is more information to remember:

  • We welcome direct payments to the massage girl.
  • Pay in cash before the erotic session.
  • Contact us through live chat on the website to resolve any issues.
  • Confidentiality guaranteed.

Hurry up! You are just one call away from the magic hours. If you are looking for the most incredible adult massage sessions near me, give SweetTouch a chance.

  • Premium service and quality

    The friendly staff will attend to you carefully!

    We love our clients, so we doing our best to satisfy each person's needs and desires. All our services are very client-oriented, so you can always change the scenario and ask for additional services. Our main aim is to make you happy, so be sure if you try it once, you will have a wish to come back.

  • Identity confidentiality

    Privacy and discretion for our customers!

    If you are afraid your relatives or friends will get to know something you don't want them to be aware of, there is nothing to be worried about. Everything is fully confidential. So, if you have always dreamt about erotic massage but have been refusing this wish for long because of a scare of being revealed, SweetTouch is here for you to make your dreams come true.

  • Various types of unique massage techniques

    A wide range of services!

    It will be difficult for you to find as many massages and other services that you can find here. SweetTouch offers you not only amazing massage techniques (body to body, lingam massage, nuru massage, tantric massage, etc.) but also various additional services, dating, parties with masseuses, peep show, erotic role play games, and so on. It may not be an easy task to choose from the variety of our services. You won't find anything similar in Paris, which makes SweetTouch the best choice for those looking for more. If interested, feel free to contact us and you will get an unforgettable erotic massage experience one can only dream of.

  • Fast and easy

    Just choose your masseuse and call us to make a booking!

    You won't have to wait too long for the response if eager to make a booking. We are ready to answer your call 24/7, so feel free to contact us if there are any questions or you wish to book any of our massages. It will take you a few minutes to book a massage session. You just choose the lady, come up with the massage you'd like to try, and call us (or use Viber/WhatsApp).

  • Real masseuses

    Recent & actual photos of Sweet masseuses!

    Tired of searching for the perfect masseuse? Disappointed because you wasted your time and came to meet a girl who was a swindler, completely different from the photos? You are missing a real feeling, complicity and you don’t want to spend mechanically your appointment? If you are looking for natural beauty, exceptional charm, sweetness, refinement and mutual sharing, you are exactly in the right place. Our agency offers only real profiles of girls with 100% real, recent and well verified photos, because we highly appreciate our clients and our impeccable reputation! So you won’t regret contacting us.

How it works
If you are looking for the Best Erotic Massage in France, you are just in the right place. SweetTouch aims at providing clients with the best services, full confidentiality, and all massage types one can dream of. It's easy in the extreme to get an hour (or more) of complete relaxation choosing our services. Our sexy masseuses are well treated, professional therapists so be sure you will be pleasantly surprised with what they have to offer to please both your mind and body. So, if you want to organize a sensual massage session for yourself, just follow these steps to get started and book the best erotic massage in Paris with SweetTouch:
Choose our sexy masseuses
The first step is choosing the lady you'd like to spend time with. We have a good selection of beautiful and skillful ladies, so you will certain find the one to melt your heart. All our sexy girls are multi-lingual, so they are not only amazing masseuses, but also good interlocutors. Besides, they are of different ages and nationalities. To choose a lady, just visit our gallery where you can have a look at 100% real photos and find our more about our ladies and massage types they offer.
Select a massage
Aimed at surprising even the most demanding clients, we offer numerous massage types. So, having chosen the lady, you are to select the massage. All of us have hidden wishes and desires, so our girls will gladly fulfill yours. Super-hot body to body massage, sensual or erotic massage or maybe Nuru massage with slippery Nuru gel, also for VIP customers we have private massage including mutual touching and shower together and if you want something special we also have an erotic show, peep show, date with a masseuse, party with masseuses, sexy guide in Paris or escort companion to another city, also amazing domination massage, and various massage techniques that will certainly bring you to paradise - that's what one should expect choosing SweetTouch.
Make a booking
Having selected the lady and a massage type you'd like to enjoy, just contact us to book a massage session. You can simply call us +33 7 45 60 76 17 or use WhatsApp/Viber/SMS text. We are available 24/7, feel free to contact us whenever you like. If there are any questions, you can also call us or use our live chat, and we will clarify everything for you.


What is the price of Sweettouch services?
The price for the service can be found on a SweetTouch website, as well as the detailed description of each service. Just browse the site, and you will get to know anything you are interested in.
Where can I find the best erotic massage in Paris?
Indeed, SweetTouch Paris is the best place for those who want to enjoy this massage. In SweetTouch, one can find a variety of massage services, insanely attractive girls, an amazing atmosphere.
What is an erotic professional massage?
Professional erotic massage is a unique relaxing and satisfying procedure performed by a trained masseuse. The result is complete relaxation and an explosive happy ending.