Lingam Massage

Lingam is a Sanskrit word that means ‘origin’ or source’. Considering that it refers to the phallic symbol used in Hinduism, that is no surprise – the ancient Indians saw the phallus as the source of all there was, is and will be.
You will find a phallus-shaped ritual icon made of stone, clay or metal at every Hindu temple or shrine dedicated to the god, Shiva. Here, it is referred to as a Shiv Ling and is a representation of the power of the Universe to create Life.
Only more observant individuals will notice that every Shiv Ling sits inside an oval-shaped base, a representation of the equally-important female component of Life, the Yoni, Sanskrit for ‘womb’, and also ‘source’.
At set times during the day, priests perform prayers at the Shiv Ling that have remained unchanged for millennia. In these rituals, the phallus is doused in copious amounts of milk, honey, ghee and flowers, then washed clean. If ever there was a civilization that recognized and acknowledged the power of symbolism and Creation, it was here.

The Origins of the Lingam Massage

Contrary to what most people assume, the lingam massage was never a part of the Kama Sutra… though that manuscript does have extensive material dedicated to male pleasures! The lingam massage, sometimes known as the Tantra massage was developed in Berlin, Germany in the modern era.
The pioneers of lingam massage are usually named as Andro Andreas Rothe, Joseph Kramer and Mantak Chia.
It is perhaps these amazing individuals’ knowledge of Hindu culture that meant that when the Lingam massage was developed, it was named for these giant symbols of worship to the power of Life.

The Purpose of a Lingam Massage

A lingam massage is a celebration of the role of the penis in Creation, very similar to those ancient rituals developed so many thousands of years ago. It is a celebration of the power of pleasure and the intense feelings of ecstasy that are supposedly the closest thing to Heaven that a mortal may experience in this plane of existence.
While most other forms of erotic massage are focused on bringing the experience to a close, the tantric elements infused into a lingam massage revolve around prolonging the release for as long as possible.
That’s right, the perfect lingam massage is one where your pleasure is induced over and over again, becoming more and more intense until there is a dazzling culmination that lifts you into a different state of mind.
Of course, this cannot be achieved immediately; it is something that tantrics and lingam massage experts, both givers and recipients, work on for many years. The training and practice is never complete. Why? Because there is always a higher level of ecstasy that has not yet been reached.
The raw, primordial experience does something to the male mind, transforming it into a crucible for a higher level of consciousness, where practitioners say they are one with a higher power. This is not about lust and gratification; it is the pursuit of a religious experience that Nature has built into you.
It is about deciding how you will use that great power, privilege and responsibility.

Transforming Yourself and Your Soul

That seems like a big ask, does it not?
Yet, those who have spent years perfecting the practice say that it revolutionises their way of thinking, giving them clarity in all matters, not just to do with physical pleasure. Some talk of the healing powers that they have unlocked that help them cope with both mental and bodily anguish.
What many men like about this experience is that they can indulge in it without the need to go through extensive training of the mind and body that is required for so many other forms of the esoteric arts.
Of course, we must never forget the most essential element of a lingam massage, besides the lingam itself: the lingam masseuse.

The Benefits of a Lingam Massage

Some of the most popular reasons that people say they want to experience, or have experienced, a lingam massage are:

  • Intense sexual ecstasy
  • Longer and better orgasms
  • Improved ejaculation control (longer sex sessions)
  • Harder erections
  • Increased sensitivity of the penis
  • Cure of, or recovery from, chronic sexual ailments – premature ejaculation, impotence
  • A better relationship with their partner
  • A ‘religious’ experience that gets better with practice

The Challenges Lingam Massage Presents

The way in which lingam massage is described may make it seem like the world is being promised to you. So, is there a catch?
In a way, yes. However, it is not a quid pro quo type of catch where you think that something is free but end up paying a heavy price. No, the price that lingam massage exacts from adherents is discipline.
To fully appreciate the entire spectrum of pleasures that the experience promises, you have to learnt to put mind over matter and exercise unprecedented control over your desires, reactions and what you thought were compulsions.
All these efforts serve one ultimate purpose: complete mastery over male ejaculation.
Tantrics believe that this control cultivates your sexual energy. As any male knows, this just might be the most difficult catch to ever have been established. The logic is that the divine seed within you that has the power to create life strengthens you from within, and that losing it in an ejaculation weakens you.
They believe that the lethargy we experience immediately after climaxing is the physical manifestation of this loss, but that the spiritual loss that accompanies the phenomenon is beyond the perception of the ordinary man.
On the other hand, retaining your seed invigorates you, strengthens your mental and spiritual focus, and gives you a confidence in yourself that comes from achieving the near-impossible.
So, now you know what there is to gain and the price you will have to pay to get it. Are you up for it?

Giving a Lingam Massage

How wonderful it is that the lingam massage can be administered by anyone, not just someone with whom you have a relationship. There is no doubt that a partner whom you trust and who knows you and your likes better will probably be able to give a better lingam massage than a random person.
However, there are a growing number of lingam specialist masseuses who are turning the act of giving a lingam massage into n art at which they excel. What you have to decide as the recipient of the massage is whether you want to enjoy the journey of exploration, adventure and discovery with a regular partner from scratch or jump straight into the extreme pleasure of a full-fledged lingam massage experience.

Professional Lingam Masseuses

If you choose to have a professional lingam massage artist work on you, make sure to choose one that is genuine; receiving an amateur massage is not only a theft of your money but it has the power to damage you sexually. It is perhaps better to administer yourself a lingam massage than to settle for something unprofessional.
An institution that offers proper lingam massages will usually be well-maintained and engage you as any other professional service provider. Because they deal in an area that is deemed esoteric and understood by so few, many will have a formal induction to the process and practice before your appointment so you are not overly-shocked when it begins.
Throughout the entire duration of the massage, the masseuse should never be nude herself. If she is, that is a sure sign that you have picked the wrong place and will not actually receive a lingam massage, no matter what you have paid.
On the other hand, a professional lingam massage service will cost between $150 and $300. The entire experience should last between one-and-a-half and three hours.

Why Give a Lingam Massage?

So, while the recipient of a lingam massage is in for the experience of lifetime, what’s in it for the lingam masseuse?
Devotion and selflessness.
No, that is not a joke; it truly is the only thing of which you are guaranteed if you decide to commit yourself to giving someone a lingam massage. the focus is completely on the recipient but you are the medium through which all the pleasure and ecstasy finds it receptacle.
I am making you aware of these facts so that you know what you are in for. The individual who turns to you for a lingam massage is putting himself, literally, in your hands for the period that t is being administered. He knows what the experience is supposed to feel like and is looking to you with trust and with the expectation that you will deliver that celebration of his member.
Can you live up to those expectations? Will you be able to deliver selflessly without expecting anything in return? Are you strong enough mentally and sexually to witness such ecstasy, particularly of your own doing and not be distracted from the job at hand?

The Massage Itself

Okay, if you skipped all the earlier text and came right here, congratulations on your enthusiasm. I do hope, tough, that somewhere along the line, you will find the time to read all the rest, too. Trust me, it isn’t all that boring!


Any event worthy of your time and attention is worthy of preparation. The very basics that you should pay attention to are:

  • The temperature of the room – cold is the enemy of the erect penis. Warm the room to a comfortable temperature.
  • The setting – neither very bright light nor the dark are conducive to a sensual experience. Soft, warm light works best; use scented candles that arouse the recipient; the right music helps immensely
  • Surface – the recipient should be as comfortable as possible and so should you. If either one is on discomfort, it will detract from the pleasure
  • Oil – massage oil is one of the best tools at your disposal. Not only does it reduce friction and induce the characteristically pleasurable slippery sensation, herb-infused essences can arouse contribute to arousal.
  • Miscellaneous – Towels are a handy accessory to have. If you are using oils, it may be best to cover surfaces with a plastic sheet

If your partner and you have engaged in meditation or similar practices before, it can be very helpful to put aside a short interlude before you begin. Holding each other’s hands while you sit in a yoga asana (position) that allows you to look at each other is very intimate and the perfect beginning.
Try to sync your breathing while employing the deep, exhilarating breaths that fill your longs. Allow yourself to sense the life-giving oxygen coursing through your veins and capillaries. When you are completely relaxed and ready to begin, have the massage recipient assume a comfortable position for a regular massage.
Begin with the head, neck and shoulders. Use long, flowing strokes to ease the muscles and introduce his flesh to your touch. Move to the shoulders and arms, then to the feet and legs, using the same, long strokes to push the circulation towards his core.
You may touch his lingam during this stage, but not overtly. Allow it to sense you and know that you are about to meet more intimately. Try to keep your breathing in sync while you give this introductory, exploratory massage.

It Begins

You are now ready to begin the lingam massage.
Place your non-master hand on his heart, palm open, so you can feel it beat against your flesh. With your other hand, at the base of his lingam. If needed, try to have the lingam bathed in a thin sheen of oil before this (similar to the temple ritual of bathing the Shiv Ling!)
The worship of lingam begins here, literally. Some masseuses choose to bow to the phallus while others hold it between the palms while the hands are in the traditional Hindu greeting pose, facing each other.
Make sure to make eye contact with the recipient as you do this – it is your acknowledgement to him that his lingam is at the centre of your world, at least for that interaction. This gesture can be incredibly powerful as a stimulant and tool of arousal for any man.
Place your other hand back on his heart and see how it has begun to race as a result of your symbolic ritual.

Mastering the Strokes

Communication is essential during a lingam massage. When there is communication, there is an exchange of feelings and this leads to a shared path toward a common goal.
There are many different strokes that can be applied during the massage. Many men have their personal preferences but your role as a lingam devotee is to not only continue on the same paths he knows and likes but to introduce him – gently – to undiscovered pathways that may lead to even greater bliss.
Here are some of them. Feel free to innovate and experiment for no two lingams and no two pair of hands are exactly alike and discovery is incredibly fun!

  • The Skier – named for its resemblance to a skier holding his poles, and the movement is straight up and straight down.
  • The Firestarter – remember the history lessons where they told of how cavemen made fire by rolling a stick between the palms? The lingam is the stick. Caution should be taken to prevent twisting. Lubricate.
  • The Driver – so called because it resembles someone steering a car with one hand. Hold the lingam in a Skier grip, except upside down, i.e. with the thumb of the hand pointing down. Let it slide up to the bulb, then swivel down on the other side of the penis exactly like the downward stroke of the Skier.
  • The Kowtow – the ‘kowtow’ is the traditional Chinese greeting, characterised by interlaced fingers and the palms pressed together. Here, the lingam is held between the palms and the curve of the interlocked fingers for all-round stimulation.

In all these grips, remember to experiment with varying pressure at different stages of the upstroke, downstroke and other movement to keep him guessing.
Another thing to remember is that, like most other types of massage, the practice should not always be limited to the hands. The crook of the arm can make for some incredibly exciting new sensations. Some women say that their partners find it extraordinarily exciting when they use the sides of their face to act as one surface against which the lingam slides.
Of course, there is a tendency when using other parts and positions to slip into mutual pleasure. In itself, how could that ever be wrong? However, it is no longer lingam massage and may detract from the intensity of its application in the pure form.

Your Sexual Mecca

The final destination of the lingam massage is undoubtedly the bliss of sexual ecstasy for the male. However, every pleasurable, consensual sexual encounter between two partners is a celebration of their bond.
It is towards that goal that the lingam massage leads all who aspire to it.

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