Erotic Massage

erotic massageAs a matter of fact, all of our massages are erotic. When you chose our ‘erotic massage’, you opt for a pure fantasy. Our experienced masseuses fuse different styles and methods into a signature breathtaking adventure. They know the strokes that turn you on, they read your mind and know the most bold of your dreams.

Do you have any secret fantasies? Is one part of your body more sensitive than the others? Do you have music or scent preferences? Feel free to communicate as much as possible to your managers while booking your erotic massage!

Erotic massage can take many forms, but its essence remains the same – to deliver pleasure through the physical contact between masseuse and recipient.

Of course, just as is the case with any encounter that titillates the body and the mind, the more senses that are involved simultaneously, the more intense the pleasure. Our masseuses embody this approach – their physical perfection is a treat for the eyes, listening to their soft, musical voices regales your ears, sensuous scents waft from their lithe flesh and their touch… well.

Some especially gentlemanly (and ladylike) clients have even been known to surrender themselves to the sense of taste with our professional female masseuses.

Our Professional Masseuses

Paris is one of the best places in the world to get an adult erotic massage. Beautiful professional female massage specialists from all over the world come to the City of Lights to ply their trade. You will find women from places as faraway and exotic as:

  • Arab countries;
  • Brazil;
  • Colombia;
  • France;
  • Spain;
  • Russia.

Sweet Touch only selects the most talented of them, all strictly between the ages of 20 and 25. Besides speaking French and English, our sexy masseuses also speak their native languages fluently, meaning they can make you feel comfortable and at home no matter where you are from yourself.

You do not have to leave the experience all up to fate, though – we welcome queries from discerning men, women and couples. You can obtain all the details you need about the masseuse who will come to you, including photos and her schedule.

Where and When to Get an Erotic Massage in Paris

Sweet Touch specializes in local outcall erotic massage services only, meaning you can enjoy a sensual, erotic massage at home or at hotel in areas near the centre of Paris, particularly in and around the districts of Louvre, Bourse, Temple, Hôtel-de-Ville, Panthéon, Luxembourg and Palais-Bourbon.

Apart from these areas, our girls will also come to locations in the vicinity of Charles de Gaulle Airport and within 15 km of the borders of the city of Paris.

The exotic experience of a Sweet Touch erotic massage can be yours any day of the week, between 10 a.m. and 3 a.m.

Other Information about Your Erotic Massage

The price of an erotic massage depends on the duration. The price for 30min is €150, for 1hour is 230, for 90min is €310, and for 2h is €400. We accept only cash payments.

You can contact Sweet Touch for any questions you might have, or for any clarifications. There is a chat option on our website and you can also call us directly at the number listed there. Confidentiality is guaranteed.

30min – 150€
1h – 230€
90min – 310€
2h – 400€

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