Couple Massage

couple massageRoutine is the worst bane of all the couples. When you start hating each other because of some oversalted food or a messy room, you’ve got a problem. Psychologists are unanimous about the importance of innovation and variety in a couple. Not everybody can take a risk of inviting a third person in their sexual life. It may hurt their partner, and become a pretext for jealousy.

Our couple massage is rather an option for curious and open-minded couples. Instead of inviting someone to your sexual intercourse, you trust our masseuse to revive your mutual experience. Our ladies are delicate, they will never hurt yours or your partner’s feelings. They will do their best to engage you in an exotic and exciting adventure that both of you will remember even at your 50th anniversary.

30min – 420€
1h – 500€
90min – 660€
2h – 840€

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