Tantra massage

tantra massage

Tantric massage finds its origins in Hindu Texts where a caress represents everlasting life. A person should succumb to a caress to feel the abundance of life.

The purpose of this massage is to waken up the senses of recipient and to reinforce his sexual energy flows. A person living this incredible experience starts feeling more acutely and intensely.

Ideally, you should be excited through the contact with the different spots of your body, not only genitals. The whole idea about exclusive stimulation of sexual organs is wrong, as they are cut from the other important energy centers. As a result, your energy does not move in the whole body. However, in a tantric massage your masseuse awakens different energy spots. Which is why during the release, you will have orgasmic senses in the whole body.

At times one session is not enough to achieve the desired effect. All the same, tantric massage strengthens the client’s feelings during the next sexual interactions, because they learn to recognize and control their sexual energy.

Simply uttering the name ‘tantra’ evokes images of sensual, erotic movements, and sets the imagination ablaze with possibilities. The esoteric Hindu roots of tantra were first practiced many thousands of years ago in mystical India, where learned men attuned with the universe applied their capacities to the pursuit of both knowledge and pleasure.

They believed that complete self-control and complete hedonism were simply different paths that led to the same end – attainment of oneness with the Divine.

Tantric massage brings the words of the ancient East to Paris, where talented masseuses trained in the mysterious arts of both tantra and the Kamasutra use their abilities to transcend physical touch. Tantra has at its heart an understanding of the body’s chakras, and SweetTouch massage professionals know how to manipulate the energy they contain to create excruciatingly pleasurable release.

Our Professional Masseuses

SweetTouch prides itself on being able to satisfy any desire, and our secret is that we have the most beautiful and most talented masseuses in the world. Trained in the exotic arts, they hail from all corners of the earth and are here for one purpose – your massage pleasure.

Here is a small sample of nations from where your SweetTouch masseuse may be:

  • one of Arab countries;
  • Latin America (Colombia, Brazil);
  • Russia;
  • different European countries, including France and Spain.

Each girl is between the ages of 20and 25, meaning they are the perfect balance of youthful exuberance and professional massage knowledge. Not only do they speak both English and French, but they are also fluent in the native language of their countries of origin.

Where and When to Get a Tantra Massage in Paris

SweetTouch is the best option in Paris to get a tantra massage whether you live here, are visiting from around France or from across the world. We do outcall services so you can relax at home or at hotel and not think about anything but the pleasure your masseuse will deliver with her talented touch.

We cover all the inner districts of central Paris including Louvre, Bourse, Temple, Hôtel-de-Ville, Panthéon, Luxembourg and Palais-Bourbon. If you are here for a short period and staying near the Charles de Gaulle Airport, our masseuses will come to you there. In fact, we will also cover any location within 15 km of the city limits. You can indulge in a SweetTouch tantra massage any day of the week, from 10 a.m. and 3 a.m.

Other Information about Your Tantra Massage

The price for 30min is €170, for 1hour is 250, for 90min is €330, and for 2h is €410. We accept only cash payments and guarantee your confidentiality.

If you need any further information about our girls, including their pictures, or any details about our services, please contact us using the online chat option or by calling us at the listed number.

30min – 170€
1h – 250€
90min – 330€
2h – 410€

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