Incall and Outcall Tantra Massage in Paris

tantra massage

Tantric massage finds its origins in Hindu Texts where a caress represents everlasting life. A person should succumb to a caress to feel the abundance of life.

The purpose of this massage is to waken up the senses of recipient and to reinforce his sexual energy flows. A person living this incredible experience starts feeling more acutely and intensely.

Ideally, you should be excited through the contact with the different spots of your body, not only genitals. The whole idea about exclusive stimulation of sexual organs is wrong, as they are cut from the other important energy centers. As a result, your energy does not move in the whole body. However, in a tantric massage your masseuse awakens different energy spots. Which is why during the release, you will have orgasmic senses in the whole body.

At times one session is not enough to achieve the desired effect. All the same, tantric massage strengthens the client’s feelings during the next sexual interactions, because they learn to recognize and control their sexual energy.

30min – 170€
1h – 250€
90min – 330€
2h – 410€

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