Types of Sexual Massage

The practice of massage seems to be ingrained into almost every society and it is valued for the range of health benefits that it delivers. However, massage can also be a very potent sexual tool. Erotic massage takes many forms and most masseuses are adept at more than one.

Here, we take a quick look at the most important aspects of some of the most popular forms of sexual massage:

  • Nuru Massage;
  • Lingam Massage;
  • Yoni Massage;
  • Happy Ending Massage.
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Nuru Massage

Nuru originated in Japan and has really exploded around the world over the past decade. It is named for the nuru gel – a very slippery substance that is colourless and odourless. The masseuse coats both her own body and the client’s in the gel and proceeds to slide her naked form over his (or hers). The contact can be front-to-front, front-to-back or back-to-back, delivering a heavenly variety of sensations.

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Lingam Massage

The Sanskrit word lingam refers to the penis which, together with the yoni (vagina), is celebrated in Indian culture as the closest humans can get to the Creation powers of the Divine. Lingam massage is almost a worship of the phallus, where it becomes the centre of the masseuse’s world. She will use every part of her form to deliver pleasure to the phallus in her reverence.

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Yoni Massage

The female equivalent of the lingam massage, the yoni massage makes the vagina the centre of the massage giver’s universe. It is worshipped not just as a physical part of the wonder of the female form but as the source of life itself. A yoni massage is arguably the most intimate experience a woman can share with a sexual partner.

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Happy Ending Massage

Anyone who has received a massage from a talented masseuse knows that every massage will leave you happy. However, a happy ending massage concentrates solely on the stimulation of the penis or vagina with the sole aim of producing an orgasm (or orgasms!)

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