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Temple district is rather small, 3rd arrondissement of Paris, but very appreciated for its quality of life and some interesting areas. Here you can find Paris’s oldest surviving private house, built in 1407 (on the rue de Montmorency). • The Pletzel, Paris’s ancient Jewish quarter. The name means ‘little place’ in Yiddish. • CNAM, the National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts. • Carnavalet Museum. • La Marais, the LGBT quarter. When you have had enough of the tourist sites, perhaps you might want to unwind with a relaxing massage.

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What to do in the 3rd Arrondissement

It is located in the central part of Paris on the right bank of the Seine, east of the first and second districts.

The first references to this area date from the XIII-XIV centuries, but there are many historical buildings that are much older, starting from the XVI century. The most famous quarter of the third district is Le Marais, which has a rather unusual history. Initially, this territory was swampy, then it was drained and gradually it turned into a prosperous quarter, which is popular among Parisian aristocrats till now. Here, to this day, there are many prestigious shops and chic Italian-style mansions built in the XVII-XVIII centuries.

It can be called one of the most romantic areas of the city, which creative personalities like to visit. The third arrondissement is one of the smallest in Paris. Everyone who decided to get acquainted with the capital of France should definitely visit it. 3rd district is rather small. However, it attracts with its spirit and a number of attractions.

A distinctive feature of the district is low-rise buildings when in most other areas of Paris the buildings have at least 6-7 floors. While walking around the district, you can enjoy the architecture of the XVI-XVIII centuries.

All in all, the third district is not similar to other parts of Paris. It is like a separate city in a city where ancient antique shops are adjacent to shops of young designers with unimaginable clothing models. The special atmosphere of this place will remain in your memory forever.

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