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Villejuif is a commune in the Val de Marne department of the Île-de-France region. There are 58 thousand people residing in the neighborhood. Villejuif is not too far from Paris, the distance between them is only eleven kilometers.

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Villejuif places of interest

The streets and squares of Villejuif surprise tourists with several buildings included in the list of historical monuments of France. The first building is the Church of Saint-Cyr-et-Saint-Julitte. This church is a really old and beautiful one. Then comes Capitainerie Des Choses hunting mansion, which was built in 1762. It also attracts tourists a lot. In 1742, a memorial sign in the form of a pyramid 7 meters high was built in Villejuif at the site of cartographic research.

The result of that research was the determination of the exact length of the Paris meridian, so now this memorial sign reminds people about that achievement. The next point of interest is the building of the K. Marx educational complex. The building is a rather new one but it is considered the symbol of modern architecture in the city. Under the roof of the building, there are a kindergarten, a school, a sports hall, and teachers' apartments.

As for places for those who like nature, there are plenty of those in this neighborhood. The largest park in Villejuif is Hautes-Bruyères. It is located on the site of a reclaimed plaster quarry. Its area covers almost 20 hectares, divided into several sectors. In 2005, a garden of medicinal plants was created there, with more than 900 species of herbs and shrubs. In the archaeological zone of the park, everyone can take part in studies of the past of Villejuif.

So, how to get to this neighborhood from Paris? There are two options to choose from: you can get there from the Place d'Italie by the subway on the 7th branch to reach the Villejuif station - Louis Aragon. Place d'Italie station can be reached from Austerlitz station on the 5th metro line. Travel time will be no more than ten minutes.

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