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The Palaiseau neighborhood is located on the Yvette River, Esson department. The city is located eighteen kilometers from Paris.

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Palaiseau places of interest

Since 1950, Palaiseau began turning into a modern city, but there is still a little bit of provincial spirit there. On its territory, there is a branch of the Center for Aerospace Research, the Higher National School of Advanced Technologies, the Optical Institute, and the scientific laboratories of Thales Group and Danone.

As well as in many other suburbs of Paris, the most significant attraction of the city is its temple - the Church of St. Martin (église Saint-Martin-de-Palaiseau), which is located on the top of a hill not far from the ruins of an ancient castle on the banks of the Yvette River. In the history of the city, the complex of the military railway station Palaiseau, which was built in 1892 and restored as a monument of industrial architecture in 2014, played a very important role and is still often visited by tourists.

Then, another interesting place is The Museum of the Historical Region of Hurepoix, which was created by enthusiasts from the historical society of Palaiseau. The exposition shows us the daily life of those living in Palaiseau and important historical events of the XIX-XX centuries.

The streets of the town are also worth your attention, as there are numerous historical buildings, related to the names of prominent figures of science and culture or memorable events of the past. There are also several typical rural farms: La Grange Grenier and La Ferme Vilain. Visiting any of them gives a clear idea of the lifestyle of locals in the distant past.

The neighborhood is a rather green one; besides, there are many cozy restaurants and bars, so there is always a place to go. If you want to get to this area from Paris, there is a suburban train RER B at the North Station. The final stop is Palaiseau. It will take about half an hour to get to the place.

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