How to Give a Torture Lingam Massage?

How to Give a Torture Lingam Massage? near me

Lingam translated from Sanskrit means "rod of light." Or, simply put, a penis. Lingam massage can be done by a woman to her lover. It is also possible to enjoy it, as well as many other procedures, in our agency. In the process of massage, not only the lingam itself is involved, but also all erogenous zones. This massage has several purposes. On the one hand, it is used to excite a partner, on the other hand, it relaxes perfectly, but most importantly, it has a beneficial effect on health. Lingam massage has a beneficial effect on increasing potency as well.
Lingam massage is performed both on eroded and on the non-eroded lingam. There are a huge number of techniques (we'll discuss some of them later). Massage techniques depend on various details, for example, the presence or absence of circumcision. They also depend on how sensitive certain zones are. Let's first have a look at what shouldn't be done.

What exactly should not be done?

Speaking about lingam massage, it's better not to do any of the following:

  • proceeding to oral caresses, because you do massage, and not something else.
  • making this massage a tradition and giving it very often.

Oral caressing will not give your partner the range of sensations that your hands give. Here we are talking about the variety of touches, and the strength with which the massage is performed, and the fact that the whole situation is under your control, which cannot be achieved by lips.

Lingam massage is not quite an ordinary masturbation. The girl touches the penis with her palm or only with her fingers, squeezes it, rubs it. The goal is to almost bring the man to orgasm, but slow down at the last moment and not allow ejaculation. To make the sensations even more powerful, it is recommended to caress not only the penis but also the perineum, testicles, and even the male point G – the prostate.

Why a lingam massage is needed

Fans of tantric practices believe that lingam massage is needed by both men and women.

What a man gets

First of all, your partner gets pleasure. The main male task during the massage is to relax and enjoy the process. It is assumed that if a man completely immerses himself in his sensations, then the procedure will turn into waves of numerous orgasms rolling one after another. And the final one, when ejaculation does happen, will be more intense and prolonged than in a normal sexual act. In addition, lingam massage will teach the man how to better feel the body, manage sexual desires, control ejaculation. That is, with proper practice, multiple orgasms can be obtained during ordinary sex.

What a woman gets

From a tantric point of view, when a girl gives a man pleasure by massaging his "rod of light," she herself is filled with "light" – sexual energy. That is, thanks to the massage, the girl gets to know the penis more closely. The penis ceases to be something embarrassing and forbidden for her, and male reactions become more understandable.

Torture massage peculiarities

Torture massage can be compared to a traditional one, the only difference is your fantasy and imagination. If a lady wants to give torture lingam massage to her man, she is free to use different tools for it:

  • sex toys (anal plugs, masturbators, vibrators, toys for prostate);
  • feather ticklers;
  • costumes.

Torture massage is called so because it's a play where the lady is the person who rules and controls everything. It's a perfect ideal for men tired of being the main person (in business, family, etc.). The lady is dominating, which provides a man with ultimate sensations. He feels a lack of control, which is highly arousing.

Is lingam massage good from a scientific point of view?

Evidence-based medicine says nothing about it. Scientists have not studied yet how lingam massage affects the ability to get multiple orgasms and whether it improves ejaculation control. Nevertheless, it's impossible to say such an effect does not exist.
Massage as a way to improve blood circulation in the male genitals and diversify sexual play is a unique tool. And if you mass testicles and prostate at the same time, you get a chance to improve an erection, make it more persistent, and prolong sexual intercourse.

How to give lingam massage

As we know, lingam massage is a tantric practice. This is a meditative procedure that does not tolerate haste. It's essential to prepare for it. Sticking to the following sequence of actions, it will be easy to provide your partner with the best lingam massage ever.

Create an atmosphere

Mute the light – the lighting in the room should be soft and comfortable. Turn on the light relaxing music. You can light scented candles. It is also worth putting a fluffy blanket on the floor in advance, place pillows around the room, cover the bed with delicate silk sheets.

Prepare massage oil

It's perfect if both partners like the aroma of the oil. It will help to fix tantric sex in memory because our memory for smells is the strongest memory type.

Pay attention to breathing

It is important to synchronize it with the partner's breath. Try to breathe slowly, dimensionally, feeling how you get energy on the breath and exhaling it with pleasure. This will help to relax, and also turn massage into a small meditation session.

Start massage slowly

Warm the oil in your hands. Start the massage with hips, abdomen, chest (including nipples). Move your hands leisurely and gently. This will allow the man to relax and tune in to a wave of future pleasures. Caress the areas around the penis without touching the "rod of light" itself, carefully and gently massage the crotch and scrotum.

Move from bottom to top

You need to go to the lingam massage itself only after you notice that the penis is hardening. Grasp it with the fingers of one or both hands (there is room for amateur activity) and slowly move up, gently sweeping, caressing each millimeter of the penis. When you reach the most sensitive area – head, open your fingers and start moving from the bottom up again.

Don't let your partner ejaculate right now

If you notice that a man is ready to cum, remove your hands for a few seconds or slow down. Ejaculation is a pleasure for the final part of the massage.

Do not forget about prostate massage

To do this, you will need water-based lubricant. Apply it to the tip of the finger and insert it into the anus to a depth of about 5 cm. At this stage, you can also use various toys, torturing your man with those.
The prostate is located closer to the pubis. On the touch, it is similar to a rounded bulge. Massage it with your finger accurately and gently. If it's uncomfortable for a man, stop it.

Allow a man to ejaculate

How long the massage will last depends only on your mood and desires. It's perfect if it takes at least half an hour. In the final part, make the movements a little faster to bring the man to orgasm and ejaculation. Continue to gently massage the penis, even when sperm will spill out of it.

Other aims of lingam massage

Lingam massage is primarily intended to fill the man with life energy. In the east, it is believed that sexual energy is the energy of life that is actively generated during the process of sexual interaction with a woman. In addition, it is believed that lingam massage has a therapeutic effect. As you know, all the organs and parts of the body are connected to each other, and, stimulating one organ, we automatically affect the other.

Experts claim that there are many active points in a penis that are associated with the internal organs, and by stimulating these points through massage, you automatically affect the internal organs, improving their condition. Finally, a lingam massage is an incredible pleasure for a man. And, if you decide to master this technique and somehow put it into practice, be sure that the man will be very grateful to you!

Lingam massage on a spiritual level

You get the experience of fantastic relaxation when nothing needs to be proved and done. You can just take everything that happens and accept yourself, open up, and enjoy waves of energy rolling from the fingertips to the top, feel how the whole body vibrates and breathes. Over time, not only lingam but also every cell of your body will become sensory and orgasmic.

The movements of the professional masseuse (or your girlfriend's/wife's) literally saturate the entire lingam with energy, gently awaken the testicles and perineum. Soft and penetrating touches to the anus and prostate relieve muscle spasms, dissolving the energy blocked there. This frees the man from the fears and excessive control concentrated in this area and expands his sensitivity.
You plunge into yourself, into the depths of new sensations. In some cases, negative emotions once inflicted by women may appear. The loving presence of the lady allows you to open up and release emotions and tension through breathing, body movements, even tears sometimes. After that, you will feel absolute comfort – this is how you help your heart and soul to get rid of bad feelings.

Lingam massage can be a good investment in health for many years. Flowing energy fills the body, it does not stagnate, as in ordinary sex, but is moving. The body remembers the saturation of energy, the movement of energy flows, the enjoyment of natural relaxation. Regular lingam massage is an excellent prevention of prostatitis. Besides, it inspires a man to an active lifestyle.
Now you will be able to have sex controlling ejaculation much longer, helping your woman to gradually open up, prolonging enjoyment, and experiencing intimacy and unity.

Are there contraindications to lingam massage?

The contraindications are the same as they are for an ordinary massage. These include:

  • an acute or severe form of diseases;
  • chronic diseases in the stage of exacerbation;
  • bleeding;
  • heart problems;
  • skin diseases.
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