What is Erotic Thai Massage?

The practice of massage shares a long history with mankind. It has developed not through a single root but with roots all over the world; communities across the planet have created and honed their own techniques and specialties over centuries, and each has its distinct appeal.

Using the Masseuse’s Whole Body

One of these is the nation of Thailand, exotic in every way and just as appealing in each one. Thai massage is characterised by the masseuse applying his or her techniques on the massage recipient with not just their hands but also with other parts of their anatomy. This may include:

  • the wrists;
  • elbows;
  • knees;
  • thighs;
  • and feet.

These methods were originally used to dictate the level of pressure that would be conveyed to the flesh and muscles to ease tightness and improve flexibility and circulation. In erotic massage, the last of those factors is the prime focus.

The practitioner giving an erotic Thai massage varies the part of their body that is in contact with the recipient. They use pressure to stimulate the senses while also enhancing circulation to the upper levels of the skin, a phenomenon that results in increased sensitivity and deeper, fuller feelings of erotic pleasure.

Massaging the Chakras

Another important aspect of Thai massage is the incorporation into the practice of the stimulation of the body’s chakras. You might know that chakras are centres of energy within the human body aligned on the spine.

There are seven main chakras, with the one at the base of the spine being the lowest and the highest chakra located at the crown of the head. However, the chakras are not physically attached to the spine, which means that a Thai massage does not necessarily have to be performed with the recipient lying face-down.

An experienced and/or competent Thai massage specialist is adept at reading your chakras even before they come into physical contact with your skin. Using their knowledge of anatomy, of chakras, and of the delicate art of erotic touch, they will lull you into gentle relaxation before they start a build-up of pleasure.

Be prepared for a massage experience where several parts of your anatomy are being stimulated at once, as she uses all her skills and appendages to increase your erotic pleasure. This overwhelming technique has been known to accelerate the progress to culmination of the experience.

However, expert erotic Thai massage specialists also knows how to pace its progress for extended gratification.

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