Tantric Reiki: Is The Motionless Orgasm Possible?

Tantra and Reiki are quite different as principles – can they come together and unite in something as fantastic and virtually unimaginable as the Motionless Orgasm?


Tantra is an ancient Sanskrit word which means ‘interwoven’. The ancient Indians used this term to refer to the unbreakable bond between the material and the ethereal planes, and the system used by the former to become sentient of the latter.

Tantric Reiki: Erotic Massage


Reiki is a Japanese system of healing that bonds healer and patient through invisible lines of force and energy. It is capable of working across inches or thousands of miles, meaning that the two individuals can be in the same room or continents apart.

Tantra and Reiki

There is considerable overlap between the two philosophies. It seems they both recognize that there is a plane that is not material itself, but which can be influenced by those in the material world who have gained some particular esoteric knowledge through revelation or training.

Questions immediately come to mind:

  • Can the interwoven nature of Man and his Self in the other plane be used for something as hedonistic as an orgasm?
  • Can Reiki, used as the healing touch, become the touch of an altogether different kind?
  • Is the Motionless Orgasm possible?
  • If yes, why aren’t we all having them?

With or without motion, many people believe that an orgasm is a touch of the Divine. That it is an infinitesimal taste of the power of Creation that the Creator possesses, a power and pleasure we will all be privy to when we return to whence we came.

In the meantime, though, perhaps we need to consider also whether the motionless orgasm is really something we want or simply a fad with an intriguing name.

Would you forsake the look and feel, the taste and smell, the sweat and friction of physical, animalistic sex? Is the Motionless Orgasm the uptight elder aunt of the carefree free-spirited uncle? Which do you really prefer?

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