5 Useful Things for Sex which should be kept in the bedroom.

Your bedroom, last refuge after a rough day at work or a dark, quiet haven for nursing a hangover 5 Useful Things for Sex which should be kept in the bedroom - Jokeor a perfect place for relaxing couple massage. And at all the other times, it is the most intimate space in your home that is just begging to be used for pursuits that are more pleasurable than those.

The forward-thinking individual can craft his bedroom into a seduction black hole from which there is no escape… because the object of your affection does not want to leave in the first place. Here are five individual items that may perform more than one role, but give your room that little bit of oomph to complement your irresistible charm.

A Varied Set of PillowsA Varied Set of Pillows

No, we did not pick that tip up from Martha Stewart. A great set of firm pillows and bolsters in a variety of shapes and sizes allow you to position yourself and your partner into the ideal position for the most pleasure.

Hmmmm… maybe I do remember Martha talking about that one…

Large Mirror or Mirror Array

Aside from the obvious benefit of helping you to look your best for work every morning (and to check yourself out every time you walk past), mirrors are the perfect accessory to a sexual encounter because of our inherent narcissism.

People love watching themselves, and watching the passionate tangle of your sweat-slicked bodies writhing exquisitely together acts as an aphrodisiac. The more angles, the better.Things for Sex Large Mirror


Related somewhat to mirrors, the right amount of lighting can cause an otherwise pensive and cautious partner to lose their inhibitions. Humans are extremely susceptible to Romantic Bedroom Lightingvisual stimulation and just the right amount of lighting might allow someone to come out of their shell. Seeing a partner unleash a side of them that you might not have been aware existed is one of the most gratifying experiences possible.

If possible, use lampshades of different colors or LED lamps which can chnage colors to create the very special atmoshere in a bedroom:

  • red lighting is all bout passion – use it when you are full of energy;
  • pink lights can create more romantic and tender atmosphere;
  • yellow or orange lights create the atmosphere of exotic tropical resort.


It can be used for a myriad of reasons, and it is better to use more than necessary than it is to not use enough and suffer the consequences for days. Enough said – get some lubricant to place in your bedside drawer.


Do not underestimate the importance of this amazing liquid. Just when you think you both have had enough, a few gulps of cool, refreshing water might give you the burst of refreshment you needed for another round… or more!

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