The Brief Guide to Lingerie Shopping

Lingerie shopping can be an intimidating affair. Walking into a showroom with six-foot tall pictures of impossibly slim, impossibly gorgeous and impossibly perfect models can have you just questioning your own body. Thank god for online shopping!

The Most Popular Choices

But that is just the start – who would have thought there are so many varieties of scraps of clothing that are so small??

Some of the most popular categories of lingerie are:

  • Teddies;
  • Baby dolls;
  • ‘Character’ outfits – e.g. French maid, police officer, angel.

Apart from the overall shape, the colour and material of your lingerie also play a very important role in the seduction process. As can be expected from men, they are not entirely sure of what they want and their exact needs can change by the day (or hour!)

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Personal Preferences

Lingerie is all about showing and hiding the right parts. Lace, sheer fabric, net designs and cut-out bits reveal flesh in the most titillating places while keeping the goods under wraps… for the moment.

For some reason, colour also plays a very important role. Some men respond phenomenally to one shade more than all others. Make a note of their preferences from your other outfits to gauge which lingerie will have the best effect.

Certain elements are also almost universally popular – stockings, bows and high heels can complement an outfit with stunning effect.

Never forget that your lingerie is about you just as much as it is about anyone else. If you are not comfortable in it, whether because of the fit or the type of costume, that discomfort will be palpable and effectively kill the mood.

One of the best ways to decide on the best lingerie is to shop with your partner – watch their reaction and come to a consensus right from the start. Choose something he likes and he’ll happily pay for it, too!

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