Can Massage Improve Your Health?

healthy massage therapy Almost everyone who has received a massage will attest to feeling much better after the session. There are exceptions, of course, where the masseuse does not possess the necessary skills or fails to apply them in the correct manner. However, such situations are very rare.

When you treat yourself to a massage, you can be virtually certain that both your body and your mind will thank you afterwards. This is not a modern discovery. In fact, modern science is only now confirming what ancient cultures knew millennia ago.

How Massage Changes the Body?

One of the main physical effects of massage is that it improves blood circulation. The better (unconstructed) flow of blood nourishes tissue by bringing in greater amounts of oxygen and nutrients. This combination of factors is regarded by scientists as the basis of the positive health effects of massage.

Among the many benefits that have already been scientifically proven are:

  • Reduced muscle soreness — this can be both alleviation of pain and accelerated recovery.
  • Greater flexibility — a masseuse understand the joints and muscles of the body, and uses this knowledge to improve their ability to move and support the skeleton.
  • Better sleep — this is in terms of both soundness of the rest and the duration of the sleep session.
  • Improved breathing — this is related to the diaphragm muscle which helps the lungs breathe.
  • Better and longer erections — penis tissue is very rich in blood vessels and it is when they fill with blood that erections occur; better blood flow is essential to improving sexual health.

Other benefits have not been conclusively proven by science yet. That is not to say that the benefits themselves do not exist. Rather, it is very difficult for studies to ascertain that it is only the effects of the massage that have led to improvements in the test subjects. Among the benefits yet to be proven are:

  • Resistance to disease — this might be related to the improved blood flow which allows the body’s immune system to respond more quickly when the body detects foreign organisms.
  • More patience — hard to measure but anecdotal testimony suggests that this is true.
  • Improved concentration — this is thought to be related to both improved blood flow to the brain and the calming effects of massage.
  • More energy — this is probably a combined effect of all the other benefits.

Is Massage Essential for Health?

The short answer here would be «no». Massage is not essential for wellbeing but it is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to improve how you look and how you feel without resorting to chemicals and surgery.

The world today infuses our lives with endless sources of stress and dissatisfaction. A massage can quickly and easily alleviate the negative effects of your daily life. There is also the therapeutic effect of physical touch that has immeasurable value.

Some people are apprehensive about trying a massage for the first time. Rest assured that it is a practice that is literally thousands of years old. Combined with its proven health benefits, you have nothing to lose by trying like millions of people before you.

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