Choosing a bodystocking

The bodystocking can be one of the most erotic pieces in anyone’s closet. Yes, anyone’s. However, many women are intimidated by what seems like an uncomfortable outfit which could be a nightmare to put on.

The first of those assumptions is entirely untrue. Bodystockings are smooth, silky and very pleasant to wear. Wearing it, though, can be a leap for beginners. Here, we tell you how to choose one and put one on like a pro!


Due to their elastic nature, bodystockings usually come in a single size that fit the overwhelming majority of people. However, some especially tall and/or curvy men and women may have to opt for a plus size. Fortunately, they are very easily available.


The essential feature of bodystockings is their sheer, see-through or hole-y design. Within this, you are resented with a plethora of options, including:

  • colour;
  • material;
  • degree of transparency;
  • which areas are left exposed.

In choosing a design that works for you and for your purposes, ensure your own comfort above all. It is usually not a good idea to try one on for the first time on the big day. Instead, don your sexy apparel in private, check yourself out in the mirror and discover how much it restricts movement.

Wearing It

If you are having trouble figuring out how to wear your bodystocking, rest assured you are not the only one with that problem. However, the solution is very simple.

First, lay it out on a flat surface so you can see its overall shape. Visualize it as extended stockings, where the difference is that you will step into it from the neck. Then, just like regular stockings, scrunch the material up until you can slip your toes where they go.

Pull it up and ensure that the crotch and hips line up. Watch the weave to ensure that it is not twisted (back to front or inside out). For the upper body, again, use your breasts and shoulders to gauge whether it is fitting correctly.

The final step is the arms. Do one after the other and you’re all set!

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