Complete Guide to Happy Ending Massage

Complete Guide to Happy Ending Massage near me

The name 'happy ending' in relation to massage is perhaps the most perfect example of truth in advertising that we have today. If that description did not explain the concept adequately, read on to find out the blissful details behind the term, and discover how and where you can experience it for yourself in the magical city of Paris.

What does a happy ending massage mean?

happy ending massage - parisA massage with a happy ending is one where the massage itself is only a precursor or an accompaniment to the ultimate goal – sexual release. This release is most often delivered in the form of a hand job but also less commonly via a blow job or sexual intercourse. However, several forms of erotic massage have risen around the concept of delivering various degrees of sexual pleasure through touch while not being explicitly and exclusively sexual. One such example is the nuru massage which emerged in Japan. It has now taken the happy ending massage world by storm and is available all over the globe. A nuru massage begins with the masseuse covering the massage recipient in slippery nuru gel. After this, the masseuse rubs her nude or partially nude body on the recipient to deliver sexual pleasure. It is most often performed on a smooth inflatable bed which provides the ideal firm but frictionless surface. With nuru as well as with other similar happy ending massages, the masseuse uses all parts of her torso and limbs to stimulate her client. Other aspects of a happy ending massage are virtually identical to a regular massage, beginning with a shower and taking place on a flat surface in a private room. No surprises, though, that there are lots of towel involved, too.

Where to get a happy ending massage

Getting a happy ending massage can be intimidating, especially for someone looking to try it for the first time. That is not solely because of the potentially awkward aspect of obtaining sexual release from a stranger but the mortifying possibility of asking for one at an establishment that does not offer it. The process of finding the right establishment is exponentially more difficult for women than for men, mostly because there are far fewer of them that cater to female clients. The good news for women is that those that do are usually of a distinctly higher grade than the average massage therapy parlour. Most massage parlours that offer happy ending massages are rather easy to find by the way they advertise their business. Some of the signs to look out for are:

  • Neon signage outside the establishment;
  • Suggestive names like ‘Massage Ecstasy’ or ‘Sweet Touch Massage’;
  • An establishment advertised as a spa but with pictures of women in scanty outfits;
  • Glass frontage that has been completely covered or blacked out so the interior is not visible from outside;
  • If you find suggestive stickers and posters for it stuck on the inside of phone booths or along the sidewalk.

The best way to find out whether a business actually does offer happy ending massages is to actually step inside. If the people waiting for their ‘massage’ turn out to be all men, you can take it as a sign that it is the kind of place you are looking for. In addition, masseuses who offer happy endings will hardly ever be seen in the white uniforms that are so popular with ‘legit’ parlours. Instead, you will see them in provocative clothing and usually even high heels.

Massage parlours with happy ending near me

If you are a Paris local, the best way to find a massage parlour that offers happy endings is to speak to friends. You might be surprised at how many people even within your own circle have experienced a happy ending massage and will be able to point you in the right direction. If you are a visitor to Paris, the yellow pages or an online search are the perfect way to find massage parlours in the suburbs near where you are staying. On the other hand, people working in the hospitality industry like bellhops, concierges and even taxi drivers are the best repository of such information. They are usually very enthusiastic about sharing what they know with you. All you need is the courage to ask them. Paris has always been known as a city with a sensual vibe. If you are looking for a happy ending massage therapy or an erotic massage, you are definitely in the right place.

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