Complete One-night Stand Guide

High-fiving friends exchange stories of stunning conquests; others tell hilarious tales of agonizing walks of shame the morning after. Either way, they are discussing a phenomenon that has become an established part of popular culture – the one-night stand.

For those who indulge, the thrill of a one-night stand is an ego-boosting rush of adrenaline few other experiences can match. To those who want to but haven’t found the right time, place or person, here is a guide to unleashing the power of your sexual freedom.

Erotic Massage or Sex?

A Virtual Introduction or a Personal One

Internet chat and dating websites have enjoyed lasting popularity since they were first conceived. The World Wide Web has opened many doors of interaction, and it could also open the door to a bedroom for your first one-night stand. Particularly for those who have a more reserved personality, the online option offers a safe environment in which to explore new possibilities.

Different sites have different rules of interaction, and some have additional features for paying members. If you are looking for a one-night stand, there are several sites that cater specifically to casual encounters.

The great thing about an online start to your one-night stand is that you can get a much better idea of who you will be taking the plunge with. The downside is that people tend to gloss over details online and you may be surprised by your potential temporary partner’s appearance when you actually meet.

Of course, the age-old reserve for casual encounters is the local bar or club. The formula for success here is the world’s social lubricant – alcohol. Drinking lowers inhibitions, a fact that will probably allow you to snare a willing participant so long as you maintain a decent grasp over your ability to engage in basic conversation.

Of course, there is no need to restrict yourself to watering holes for a chance at breaking your one-night stand hymen. Many different types of gatherings feature alcohol as part of the atmosphere. Art exhibitions, film screenings and theatre performances are all ideal places to catch the eye of someone in search of a quick romp.

A setting like one of these also eases the anxiety of the chase since it is not overtly sexually charged like the atmosphere in a bar or club.

The No-Go Zones

In reality, the chance for a one-night stand may present itself at any time of day and almost any place. However, that definitely does not mean that you should jump headlong into one every time you get the chance.

The appeal of the one-night stand is its fire-and-forget characteristic – you do not have the complication of dealing with emotions, feelings and relationships because they are the complete opposite of what you signed up for. In fact, it would be even better if you did not have to meet ever again. With that in mind, certain situations, however tempting, should be taken off your list of potential meeting places:

  • Office parties – isn’t work complicated enough already?
  • Weddings – universally popular, but a wedding can change one-night partner into a relative.
  • Religious events – Church or temple get-togethers can place intense scrutiny on you.

So, now you know where to look and what to avoid. Go easy on the alcohol to avoid the dreaded beer goggles. There is no need to definitely score on a particular night – it will feel weird in the morning. Lastly, always practice safe sex.


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