What is Deep Swedish Massage

Deep Swedish massage is the combination of Swedish massage and Deep Tissue massage. While the two techniques are largely similar in their approach, the exact implementation of each differs. Here, we delve into what constitutes the teachings behind each school of massage and how they come together as the best of both worlds.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is the classic massage that you receive from a masseuse. It involves sliding the hands along the skin, kneading it, rubbing it and even striking it at a tempo. A Swedish massage can involve manipulation of the limbs as well.

It is a fantastic tool that aids the body in removing toxins from the muscles to reduce the severity and duration of muscle soreness. It has also been shown to contribute to lowering stress levels by countering the hormones cortisol and ACTH (Adrenocorticotropic hormone).

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage embraces the range of movements and manipulations used in Swedish massage and complements them with, as the name suggests, application of pressure and techniques that target specific muscles or muscle groups.

This massage system is especially helpful for:

  • post-exercise recovery;
  • maintaining and extending the range of movements of joints;
  • rehabilitation after an injury.

Deep tissue massage is also renowned for its ability to enhance kinestheic awareness, the interface between the nervous system and its muscles. In short, it makes you more agile.

The Union

When these two massage techniques combine to become the Deep Swedish massage, the recipient experiences twofold rejuvenation, one on the surface level where the skin benefits, and the other, deep within the body’s organs, muscles and connective tissue.

Used as a union of its influences, Deep Swedish massage is a powerful tool for everyone from performance athletes to regular people to those who have suffered debilitating injuries and even individuals with congenital anatomical problems. Its power lies in the two-pronged focus on healing the body and aligning the skeletal and muscular structure in a manner to make it more closely resemble the ideal.

However, by no means is Deep Swedish massage restricted to people who need to ‘correct’ or heal; it is just as fine a tool for healthy people who simply would like to be able to exercise better control over their bodies and live a healthier life while minimising the odds of sustaining injuries.

It may even be considered good practice to have regular Deep Swedish massages for a period before you begin an exercise or sports regime, or if you are returning to activity after an absence.

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