What is Erotic Chinese Massage?

China has a history that goes far back beyond its frigid Communist recent past and the garish combination of Communism and Capitalism that it embodies today. It is the nation where, for thousands of years, kings and emperors ruled, ancient esoteric teachings blossomed and the art of pleasure was an important part of aristocratic life.

Much as was the case in ancient Japan, where young girls devoted their lives to learning the myriad of skills and techniques that would elevate them to the status of a ‘geisha’, courtesans in the Chinese courts spent countless hours perfecting the art of pleasure.

One of the major aspects of this education was the focus on the stimulation of a passive recipient with their bodies – the art of erotic Chinese massage.

A Fusion of Techniques

Indian and Chinese cultures have met and interacted over millennia and the spread of knowledge from India to China includes Tantra, Hindu and Buddhist practices. Among these were the methods learned individuals used to maintain control of their bodies and perform seemingly superhuman tasks.

When these very unalike systems (Indian and Chinese) of controlling and stimulating the body and mind met, it created a new method of achieving and giving pleasure. It is from this period of interaction that the erotic Chinese massage as we know it today emerged.

The Oriental method of using delicate touches to create and prolong arousal were enhanced with the body and mind control techniques from south of the Himalayas. The knowledge of the energy centres of the body, called chakras by the Hindus, was incorporated into native Chinese techniques.

The result was an experience of truly wonderful possibility, where the physical techniques perfected over centuries in China were merged with the mystical, spiritual element from India.

The Modern Iteration

When you get a Chinese erotic massage today, it is the amalgamation of these two equally important aspects of its heritage, but enhanced even further with modern understandings of anatomy and the science of pleasure. Most Chinese erotic massage specialists even use the same equipment (tables etc.) used in basic (Swedish) massage.

However, a critical part of the practice is the setting of the right environment for maximum effect:

  • candles infused with particular scents;
  • the layout and orientation of the table and room;
  • the colours and décor.

All together, they play a major part of the overall experience, and contribute to the pleasure of the massage.

It is when traditions come together – Chinese, Indian and Western – that the erotic Chinese massage can achieve its maximum effectiveness.

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