Erotic Massage for Escorts: Dos and Don’ts

The life of an escort can be a minefield and a friend who knows the way and whom you can trust can be very helpful. Today, we are your best friend and we want to share some of the basic Dos and Don’ts that many rookies often struggle with.

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Here are top-4 things you definitely should do:

  • Place – Sensual surrounds make for sensual encounters. Dim lights, soothing music, scented candles and erotic decor all help. Settle on a pleasant temperature. A massage table works best but a mat on the floor is better than the bed.
  • Time – Have a plan for how you break down each session. In a 1-hour appointment, 25 to 30 minutes goes into massage and the rest into showering (etc.) and ‘extra’ treatment. Adapt to the client if they have a preference.
  • Stretching – Stretching invigorates circulation and improves the sensations that the client feels during the massage. Basic neck rotation and arm twirls are enough. Don’t insist on this if the client is reluctant.
  • Tools – You know what tools you will need during the encounter, like oil, wipes, towels and condoms. Wipe off excess oil and your hands before attempting to place a condom. Place them around the massage area so you can reach them without breaking the flow.
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And this advice of things not to do will help you avoid awkward situations:

  • Never apply oil directly from the bottle to the skin of the client. Instead, rub the oil in your hands to warm it up before placing them on the client’s body.
  • Some escorts and masseuses opt for body lotion instead of a purpose-made massage oil. Lotions are designed to be absorbed into the skin quickly and you will end up using more lotion than you planned.
  • The thumb works by its lonesome while the four fingers work together. Avoid overusing your thumbs and apply more pressure with your fingers and palm instead.

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