Erotic Massage: Way to Relieve Stress

Erotic Massage: Way to Relieve StressA deeply erotic massage therapy has the ability to reduce stress. Although this does not mean that the massage must necessarily focus on the genitalia of a man or woman, it is imperative that the sex organs are not ignored. Most therapists go to the extent of the inner thighs or pubic cleavages but never really go to the levels of touching sex organs.

Stress Relief Massage Technique

While doing erotic massage for stress relief, it is important to excite all the erogenous parts of the body. Erogenous parts are involved in massage therapies for stress relief because they are sensitive to touch. Stimulating erogenous parts of the body allows sexual energy to flow throughout the body for a pseudo state of mind due to the stimulation and sexual arousal. The pleasure hormones that trigger happiness will overcome those that motivate stress and one ends up feeling relaxed.

Erotic Massage: Environment Matters

However, you should remember to create a favorable environment that will allow you to reap the most out of the massage session. First, you should create a good space where only the two of you are present. Secondly, you should create a healthy mental space where obstacles such as worry and hindrances have no place. Switch off your phone and do away with anything that is irrelevant within those few hours.

The more sensitive you become to stimulation, the more you forget your stress and problems. But if you continue worrying about your problems while the massage is in progress, you will not realize any benefits. You should let go of those nagging thoughts and focus on the present pleasure.

However, it is important to note that some people do not feel stimulated when certain erogenous zones are touched. You should therefore simplify the work of the therapists by telling them the parts of your body that trigger feelings of pleasure and gratification.

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